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A New Faith

America doesn't have a mental health problem, it has a spiritual problem.


A New Faith

By Karen Schumacher

Pretty much everything in the Bible provides guidance on how to live one’s life.  In the never ending movement to usurp control over all aspects of life, the United Nations (UN) is now working on capturing control over religious institutions.

Most large religious institutions have adopted the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  This includes the Catholic Church, although its stance on abortion is still questionable; Episcopal Church; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS); United Methodists, although there is a faction of those congregations who are refusing to comply; Presbyterian Church; and the Lutheran Church.  It might be surprising to know that even Islam has adopted the SDG.

For the Baptists, the American Baptist Association and American Baptist Churches USA don’t specifically mention anything about the SDG.  However, the Baptist World Alliance is a UN recognized non-governmental organization (NGO) which obligates them to carry out UN goals.  The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism supports the SDG, and the World Jewish Congress is also a UN recognized NGO.

The UN itself has created several organizations for the purposes of hijacking God’s word.  Among them are the UN Parliament of World’s Religions and Faith for Earth Coalition.  It also has an Interagency Task Force on Religion and Sustainable Development with its Multi-faith Advisory Council.  Act Alliance, a global faith-based coalition, and devout SDG follower, has a pretty impressive list of religious members.  As a UN recognized NGO, the World Council of Churches captures quite an array of faiths to spread SDGs that includes the Disciples of Christ, American Baptist Churches, Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian faiths.

Not all faiths are followers of the Bible, however, most others have some form of guidance that is followed.   The beauty of our Republic is the freedom to exercise one’s own religion.  Because America was founded on the principles of Christianity, it is worth taking a look at how those principles are being altered.

Throughout the Bible there are chapters giving guidance on how to live a Christian life.  It is the Ten Commandments that everyone should have imprinted on their hearts, especially Commandment #1,  “You shall have no other Gods before Me”.  This is the Commandment the UN is in the process of trying to replace with itself and Mother Earth.

In 2022, “dozens of religious leaders” came together from across the world, carrying not the Ten Commandments, but the Ten Principles for Climate Repentance.  These principles are a mockery of the Ten Commandments.  Religious leaders gathered at Sinai to receive those “Climate Justice Ten Commandments” as part of COP 27.  Concurrent events were held around the world and repentance  ceremonies continue to be held.  Listen to these faith “leaders” twisting God’s word at COP 27 here as it deteriorated into a discussion about economic injustices, the question of a “sustainable population” for the earth, how to lead younger generations away from God’s word, and using an app rather than a Bible to lead one’s life.  The Presbyterian church even has a wallet sized card that can be carried to remember one’s duty to the SDG.

The UN goal is to bring all religious faiths together and help them work together on these replacement principles.  Helping to guide faith institutions is its booklet on Faith Actions, and its book, Faith for Earth: A Call For Action.  King Charles, a devout follower of the SDG, is doing his diligence by bringing together faith leaders and lead them away from God’s word.  In honor of bringing faiths together the Abrahamic Family House was created in Abu Dhabi, where a mosque, church and synagogue sit on a piece of ground facing each other.  There are often stark differences between faiths and their teachings.  However, the common thread being use to bring them together are the SDG, the new Bible and its teachings, and the UN is using that as an advantage to remove God and His word to bring itself and Mother Earth to the top.

Religions for Peace is another organization that brings religious institutions together and supports the SDG.  Members include representatives from the Methodist faith, UN, Catholic, and LDS faith.  Who needs the Bible or Ten Commandments when you have the SDGs?

America doesn’t have a mental health problem, it has a spiritual problem.  It is no wonder membership to any faith is declining when you have those faith leaders turning their backs on God and His word, instead replacing it with a man-made version from Satan.  Bible verses already provide the guidance on caring for the earth and ourselves, and how to bring peace in the world.  Somehow, along with the other SDGs, SDG 16 is the new answer to peace.  There will never be any peace when Satan has entered, and been accepted, by our churches.

It might be worthwhile to discuss this with one’s local church leaders and learn if the SDGs are being adopted.  If not, then perhaps a discussion needs to ensue that Satan may be lurking to bring this evil into the church.

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