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The Middle East Dilemma

But in any event the war needs to stop as soon as possible, and the hostages released.

Middle East

The Middle East Dilemma

By Pete Ketcham

As we watch the multiple scenarios play out in Palestine, Israel, and the Middle-East, there are many interpretations of what is actually happening.

The following are some of the issues that are being considered as people draw their conclusions of what should take place in this churning Middle East crises.

1. Although there had been an ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestine Hamas terrorist organization, it all came to a head when Hamas launched a bloody massacre on October 7 and slaughtered almost 1300 Israel civilians, and took 240 as hostages. At that point Israel decided it would totally destroy Hamas regardless of how much effort or time it would take.

2. In order to destroy Hamas Israel has launched a full scale invasion into the Palestinian nation in Gaza. As a consequence of Israel’s action there has been considerable collateral damage suffered by the Palestinians, such as destroyed housing, lack of food & water, no power, no health care, and death. In a large part this has occurred because Hamas has used the civilian population as human shields to protect their assets and terrorist activities.

3. Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations attacking Israel and US troops are all being financed and trained by Iran.

4. Hamas is using the hostages as bargaining chips to force Israel to engage in a cease fire. No one knows for sure how many hostages are still alive, or how many will be released.

5. There is a threat that Hezbollah could launch an all out invasion into Israel out of Lebanon, accelerating the present ongoing conflict between the two.

6. The propaganda war concerning all this is being won by Hamas as people across the world and in our nation are condemning Jews, calling for a cease fire, and advocating for a ”two state solution”. The sad reality is that the Muslim world hates the Jews
(and America), and will never stop their aggressions against the Jews.


In light of all that has happened, It is now evident that it is not possible to have a “Two State Solution” which would require Palestine and Israel to live peaceably beside each other. Palestine/Hamas has publicly stated it has no desire what so ever for this peaceful solution, but desire only to destroy Israel by any means possible. And thus, it would seem that if Israel is to survive as a nation it has no choice but to destroy Hamas and prevent Palestine from creating a replacement terrorist group

Lastly, It is a tragedy that innocent Palestinians, (especially the children) are suffering from this ongoing war between Hamas and the IDF (Israel Defense Force), but it must be noted that recent opinion surveys have revealed that at least 60% to 75% of the Palestinians supported Hamas action against Israel, see article for more detail, There Are No Innocent Civilians in Gaza.

But in any event the war needs to stop as soon as possible, and the hostages released.


1 Comment on The Middle East Dilemma

  1. What a fantastic time to live on earth. I stand with Israel. I don’t condone some actions of the Israeli government, and I must disagree with some of the doctrines of the Jewish temple. Like the USA and all other countries, Israel has been miss misbehaving in the eyes of God.
    Ezekiel 38 will shed some light on the subject.(.Please read) for yourself.
    Take this information to the bank. When God gets done with the education of Israel, no enemy can stand against them.

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