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The Four Horsemen Of Destruction

our nation is assured of self destruction unless God intervenes

The Four Horsemen Of Destruction

By Pete Ketcham

Most are aware of the Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse as described in the book of Revelation. They were described as Death, Famine, War, and Conquest, all of which were deadly.

Today in our nation we have many entities and individuals that are working to destroy our constitutional nation, but there are four entities that have the capabilities to destroy our nation by themselves, and are in fact well on their way to doing so. Thus I have named them THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF DESTRUCTION, and they are described as follows:

1. OUR NATIONAL EDUCATION SYSTEM, primarily our collages are indoctrinating our youth to not believe in God, to accept all the woke liberal concepts of climate change,  the LGBTQ agenda, and many more godless concepts. It has indoctrinated students into believing that our nation was built on slavery, and is generally an evil racist nation.

2. CLIMATE CHANGE is a fraudulent unproven movement that is sabotaging our entire  energy production base of gas, oil, coal, and jeopardizing our electric power grid in it’s ability to supply the necessary energy to run the nation.

3. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ( A boarder invasion) is changing the social structure of the nation as millions of illegals pour across the boarder with no means and skills of self support, and in some cases transporting drugs.  The full impact of this massive invasion is yet to be experienced as crime and homelessness will dramatically increase.

4. THE LGBTQ movement has totally uprooted our traditional national (Christian) base of social morality, and has replaced it with a perverted grotesque sexual agenda that would have been completely inconceivable and unacceptable just 40 years ago.

Much much more could be said about these “FOUR HORSEMEN OF DESTRUCTION”, but it is a general fact that they are literally turning our nation “Upside Down”, and if allowed to continue will destroy the economy, the power grid, the health industry, military readiness, Law & Order, and the list goes on.

And lastly, if these entities are allowed to continue their agendas, our nation is assured of self destruction unless a hostile nation decides to hurry up the process of destruction by launching a nuclear attack, or God intervenes on behave of His people.

1 Comment on The Four Horsemen Of Destruction

  1. Women’s Rights should be included. As that ideology ran wild it opened the floodgates to deviation in almost ever aspect of our culture.

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