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The Seeds Of Antisemitism

November 19, 2023 3

The Seeds Of Antisemitism By Bruce R. Booker Surprisingly enough, the seeds of antisemitism were sown centuries before there was a Semite, or even Abraham, for that matter. They were sown back in the Garden [Read More]


Hate Is Beyond Persuasion

November 19, 2023 0

Beyond Persuasion (Driven By Hate) By Pete Ketcham In years past (up until the 1960’s) the nation’s people with differing political viewpoints could be persuaded to change their minds and attitudes when presented with correct, [Read More]


FBI In Bed With Gun Grabbers

November 16, 2023 0

FBI In Bed With Gun Grabbers by Oregon Firearms Federation Once again, America’s premium law enforcement agency, the FBI, has demonstrated that there are different rules for the people in power and the rest of [Read More]

Brent Regan

The Republican Brand

November 16, 2023 2

The Republican Brand By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC If you want the truth about what’s happening in the Republican Party you won’t get it from the democrats or their allies in the media. They want you [Read More]


Moving Toward “The Point Of No Return”

November 15, 2023 4

Moving Toward “The Point Of No Return” By Pete Ketcham Introduction It would be a nice change to write about major victories in bringing our nation back to it’s Constitutional Christian roots, but reality prevails, [Read More]


Why Is BRICS A Threat?

November 15, 2023 2

Why Is BRICS A Threat? by Karen Schumacher As the Israeli and Ukraine wars rage on, and protests by a minority receive inflated media attention, there is a more ominous story brewing that is not in [Read More]

Death of the Primary
Brent Regan

Death of the Primary

November 11, 2023 3

Death of the Primary By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC The Democrats running Reclaim Idaho and their supporters are pushing a voter initiative which they are deceptively calling the “Open Primary Initiative” and falsely claiming that “Leaders [Read More]

Statistics show that as many as one out of three students is now home schooled or enrolled in a charter or private school
Bob Shillingstad

School Choice? Balkanization of Education

November 11, 2023 0

School Choice? Balkanization of Education By Bob Shillingstad Some interesting information was released over the last month that shed light on school board races and the new landscape facing education. The so-called Covid pandemic that [Read More]


The Four Horsemen Of Destruction

November 11, 2023 1

The Four Horsemen Of Destruction By Pete Ketcham Most are aware of the Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse as described in the book of Revelation. They were described as Death, Famine, War, and Conquest, all of [Read More]


No Such Thing as Education Standards

November 1, 2023 0

No Such Thing as Education Standards by Shari Dovale Headlines hit this week concerning Oregon’s Education requirements, or rather their lack of such. In 2020, former Gov. Kate Brown suspended the proficiency requirements for students to [Read More]

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