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Omodt Needs to Cease and Desist

“To the extent such audit is still occurring, it should cease immediately.”

Omodt Needs to Cease and Desist

by Shari Dovale

In discussing the offensive overreach by the two CommissionMEN concerning their decisions to audit Commissioner Williams emails and try to ‘Supervise’ her, we are publishing the legal opinion on this topic. This opinion was written by the county attorneys.

No Such Authority Exists

Omodt and Bradshaw have seized on Idaho Code § 31- 802 and claimed it as their authority to hound and harass an elected commissioner. Luke Omodt has decided this means that he is now her supervisor when there is nothing in the law that authorizes this. Their authority as commissioners are equal, with no one above the other.

Bill Wilson has written out a very clear legal opinion that explains this:

Luke Omodt and Steve Bradshaw have decided between themselves that they can do whatever they want regardless of the law. They continue to harass Commissioner Williams and they believe they can hide behind the law to do so. Atty Wilson makes it clear that no such authority exists, or anything remotely like it.

Luke Omodt and Steve Bradshaw overstepped their authority when they attempted to audit Commissioner Williams’ email account. “To the extent such audit is still occurring, it should cease immediately.”

Additionally, Omodt has cited the same statute to demand records that he has no authority to see. Believing that the law allows him some special privilege to intrude on things that he has no business with also shows his ineptness.

Atty Wilson covers this topic as well: County commissioners enjoy no special privileges under the Public Records Act.

It has been clear that Omodt thinks he sits on a throne above everyone else. He is not special and needs to be reminded of this. The County seat he holds is a job, not a royal title or an entitlement. He is there only to represent the people.

And this legal opinion sets things into place that could come back to haunt him in the end.

Consequences are things that logically or naturally follow from actions or conditions, also referred to as Cause and Effect. If Omodt continues with this authoritarian behavior then he should expect to see a resulting effect.



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