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The fight for gun rights in Oregon will continue



by Oregon Firearms Federation

Judge Robert Raschio in Harney County has declared Measure 114 to be “facially unconstitutional by a finding of clear and convincing evidence…”

Our congratulations and gratitude go to Tyler Smith and Associates and attorney Tony Aiello who, virtually single handily, took on a scrum of Oregon State lawyers and defeated this odious attack on liberty.

Our thanks also go to Judge Raschio who took a brave stand in the face of a full frontal assault on gun rights by Oregon’s establishment leftists.

We have just received the decision and have attached it for your review. We will have more to say about it in the coming days. But for right now we wanted to share this positive news with you in time to give you one more thing to be thankful for.

While this good news buys us time, there is no doubt that the state is already working on an appeal to the ruling which will cost Oregon taxpayers even more millions. And keep in mind that Oregon’s Appeals Court includes Judge Jim Egan who has stated, in an unhinged rant, that gun owners are racist anti-semites. So there is still a long and expensive fight ahead. As we know, the totally compromised FBI has their fingers on the scale and, at the request of Oregon’s Department of “Justice,” broke the rules to offer Oregon a “grace period” to conduct fingerprint checks required by Mz 114 but which the FBI already admitted they were not allowed to conduct.

The fight for gun rights in Oregon will continue

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.


Judge’s Ruling

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