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Will Trump Be Imprisoned?

It seems certain at this time that Trump will be the Republican 2024 presidential candidate

Will Trump Be Imprisoned?

By Pete Ketcham

Trump is facing four indictments with a total of 91 criminal counts. His criminal trials will be held in districts that are primarily composed of Democrat voters which will create biased anti-Trump juries. The judges overseeing these trials are liberal, and are becoming very anti-Trump due in part because of Trump’s negative short rants against them.

With 91 criminal counts, liberal juries, and liberal judges, it seems very probable that Trump will be criminally convicted on one or more of these 91 felony criminal counts.

Even though there will be automatic appeals by Trump on these convictions, there is a good possibility that one of these hostile Judges will confine him to prison during the appeal process time frame.

More specific details of these indictments can be found at: CBSNews


It seems certain at this time that Trump will be the Republican 2024 presidential candidate, but regardless of who he is running against, it will be very hard for Trump to win the general election as an incarcerated convicted felon, as the general public would have a negative viewpoint of him.


1 Comment on Will Trump Be Imprisoned?

  1. The Marxist gangster, Hillary Clinton said the following:

    In an interview with CNN, Hillary Clinton compared
    supporters of former President Donald Trump to
    a “cult” and said that “maybe there needs to be a formal
    deprogramming of the cult members.”
    “Sadly, so many of those extremists, those MAGA extremists,
    take their marching orders from Donald Trump”

    The Marxist gangster intends to severely punish the 80 million
    people who voted for Trump.

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