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Two Entities That Control America’s Direction

A recent surprising illustration of this indoctrination is the college demonstrations across the nation


Two Entities That Control America’s Direction

The two entities that that have the greatest control of the attitudes, knowledge, and actions of a majority of American citizens are the national education system and the liberal news media.

Granted that there are many social entities such as Facebook, X, and others that have a great impact on the nation’s social/moral direction, but the liberal news media and especially the education system have the greatest influence by far.

Most God-fearing conservative citizens realize that these two agencies have a tremendous liberal influence on the direction our nation goes, but many do not realize, that unless these two entities are deactivated and brought back to their former objective news reporting and non political/social academic learning, our nation is heading for destruction.

Like Israel, who will never be safe as long as Hamas and Hezbollah are on their boarders, this nation can never return to it’s original constitutional base as long as the liberal news media and the education system are under the control of the god-less, illogical liberals.

It has been shown that it does not matter what political party controls the Presidency, congress, or the state legislators, these two liberal entities are able to continue on with their godless propaganda and miseducation/indoctrination agendas regardless of what national events take place.


At present there is no specific plan or strategy by the God-fearing conservatives and the Republican party to bring these two entities back to their original moral basis. It is somewhat mystifying why there is no concerted effort by the Republican legislators to acquire control of the education system, especially the universities and colleges, as their indoctrinated graduates are determining the present and future course of the nation.

Lastly, a recent surprising illustration of this indoctrination is the college demonstrations across the nation by the students for their support of the Hamas terrorists, and their condemnation of Israel. This development surprised many conservatives that such a huge anti-Israel philosophy had been disseminated throughout the national university system. This demonstrates that student indoctrination by the universities is only going to get worse as long as the national education system continues on it’s present course.


5 Comments on Two Entities That Control America’s Direction

  1. I do not want to live in a society of idiots who believe in fairy tales. God does not exist and morality is not owned by the religious zealots. I’m very glad your version of america is gone! And you won’t get it back either!! God is irrelevant except in the minds of peons!

    • Personally, I see very little value in your comments. You seem to be fixated on condemning people who disagree with your satanic point of view. It appears that your agenda is only to ridicule and drag others down. Your redundancy is quite dull and has no educational value.
      Just my opinion.

      • Whatever you say boomer! My comment was there for educational purposes. You fools cannot be educated because you’ve been indoctrinated!

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