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The Coming Crime Wave

Government and the general public are being lulled into a false sense of security by the present conduct of these foreign men


The Coming Crime Wave

By Pete Ketcham

Reading the title of this article many would say the crime wave is already here. In response to that statement I would quote the old adage “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”.

With all the homelessness, drugs, and crime currently creating chaos in the major Democrat controlled cities, one may wonder how can it get any worse, but it will.

The full effects of illegal immigration is yet to be felt. There are hundreds of thousands (not just thousands) of completely undocumented “military aged” men crossing our border. They do not speak English, have no professional skills, are currently unemployed and are living off the limited tax resources of the border towns and major cities, where in some cases they occupy first class ($300 to $500 per night) hotel rooms with full food service. This is unsustainable, and many of them will have to be removed back to the street, with the possibility that some will secure jobs but many will not.

These men will be in competition with the legal citizen for the available jobs, and due to their lack of skill and inability to speak english, they will be relegated to the more menial lower paying jobs, but still, thousands will be unemployed with no sustainable income.

When all the tax funded benefits run out, these men will be faced with the choice of starving or stealing. They will be aware that the present smash and grab organized crime participants are successfully robbing business and avoiding arrest, and thus will organize their own smash and grab groups. The crime will not stop within the business districts, but will spread to individuals and prosperous neighborhoods.

Also, these hundreds of thousands men spreading out across the nation are undocumented, with the government having no knowledge of criminal records or contagious disease they may have. We literally have no idea who they are, or what they are

Aggravating the issue of this border invasion is the demonetization and reduction in funding for the police forces in the impacted Democrat controlled cities. To be a police officer in these cities is no longer a desirable job, and the Democrats are unable to recruit new officers, thus crime will continue to expand, and law enforcement will continue to shrink .


At present the government and the general public are being lulled into a false sense of security by the present conduct of these foreign men, but as they continue to pour in by the thousands per day, the free benefits will eventually dry up due to the shrinking tax base. The lack of jobs, and competition with the growing homeless population for the same free benefits will encourage these undocumented “military aged” men to turn to crime to “survive”. When that happens there will be national chaos that is unimaginable at this time.

And lastly, all this is taking place because of the misguided illogical policies of the corrupt Biden administration who believe this disastrous invasion will create a Democrat voting block that will keep them in power indefinitely.



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  1. A good article, but what about the tens of thousands of male, military-aged, Chinese nationals flooding into the country. Are these CCP operatives? If so, what are their orders? Their mission?

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