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Re-Elect Troy Reinbold To The School Board

We need him as an advocate for our hurting school community

School Board Candidate Survey Informs Voters on Critical Education Issues

Re-Elect Troy Reinbold To The School Board

We stand behind Troy Reinbold because he is the only trustee who stood firmly against the C-vid mandates (masks and school closures) and has stood for the completion of the forensic audit of the school district.  Additionally he initiated the biological sex policy which excludes transgender males from female athletics and is still pushing for a suicide prevention program (which remains ignored). Troy helped greatly to rescind SEL (Social Emotional Learning) which is the forerunner to Critical Race Theory, and supported the 5-year strategic plan to make curriculum changes and enable the kids to excel.

Troy is a dedicated, good man with strong integrity—- we need him as an advocate for our hurting school community. We need him to stand strong for the forensic audit. We are at a crossroads of either continuing with the same plan (whatever that is, which is not producing a graduation rate more than 68%) or moving in a positive direction to improve our kids performance in the classroom and enable them to be positive contributors to the community and in their future endeavors.

We urge all residents in West Bonner County School District, Zone 3, to re-elect Troy Reinbold to the School Board.

Merilee Conley
Priest River

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  2. It’s October 15th. The public announcemnts of the audit are due on October 9th. (and finished audit as reported to the board on Sept 29)

    Margie Hall. Where is the audit!???? You and you alone have taken the school district off State mandated standard accounting (because of “reasons”) and have refused to show anyone the budget for over five years, in blatant defiance of State law.


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