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Protecting Children and Bringing Fiscal Accountability

The district to be fiscally responsible and transparent.

children School District Trustees Have Forgotten Who They Work For

Protecting Children and Bringing Fiscal Accountability

Troy Reinbold has faithfully served as a WBCSD Board Trustee for the past 4 years. He was the only Board Trustee during the ‘COVID pandemic’ who voted against forcing students to wear masks to school. He is for protecting students, and believes parents alone should make medical decisions for their children. Troy wrote the current WBCSD gender policy which keeps males out of female bathrooms and locker rooms. He has heard this is the strongest gender policy in the state.

Troy is passionate about ensuring children are safe during school hours. He strongly supported a suicide prevention program that was in place during Jackie Branum’s time as superintendent. He will work to see that the program, which is free to the school, is brought back. Troy wants board involvement in helping to solve the bullying problems which exist in the district.

Taxpayers in the district deserve to know how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent. Troy was in favor of the WBCSD forensic audit, based on public comments suggesting problems with the district’s money management. He will work to ensure the audit is completed and that any necessary changes are made for the district to be fiscally responsible and transparent. Troy missed one recent regularly scheduled board meeting on purpose, to ensure that a hastily-planned levy would not be put on the ballot until the audit is completed.

November 7th Re-Elect Troy Reinbold for WBCSD Trustee Zone 3

Thank you,
Kathryn Barlow, Spirit Lake