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Give Them an Inch and They’ll Want A Mile

"I just got beat by someone who didn't even have to try..."

Photo by Brett Davis

As part of a homeschool civics class comprised of students in the 7th through 10th grade levels, students were asked to write opinion editorials on topics of their own choosing which reflect current themes in governance and policy-making.  

Over the course of the next few weeks the class will be tracking the views of and commentary on their op-eds with the goal of generating as much meaningful community engagement as possible.  

A prize will be awarded to the student who is most successful at generating meaningful community engagement with their op-ed.

Thanks so much for partnering with us to create this experience for the children and teaching them to be actively involved in the governance of their community!

Give Them an Inch and They’ll Want A Mile

by HSC25

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Give them an inch and they’ll want a mile?’ This describes the LGBTQ community and what they want to do. This can create serious problems in the future.
Lia Thomas. Heard about this person? Thomas participated in the NCAA, and he won first place over a woman named Riley Gaines. The worst part is, that they had tied down to the one-hundredth of a second, which is a big thing in swimming, but Thomas still got first place. When she asked the person who had told her that Thomas got first place, “Why?” He was surprised and didn’t really know how to answer. “I just have to,” he had told her, “You can hold it for the pictures, but you have to give it back to Thomas.”

I had gone to the Women in Red meeting, where Riley was the guest speaker. The one part that made me cry was when she told us about this girl from Hungary. Since college students got the option to stay another year, she took the opportunity to stay for the NCAA. When it was time for the top sixteen swimmers to go on, she had clutched Riley’s hand, looked up at her with tears in her eyes. She placed seventeenth.
“I just got beat by someone who didn’t even have to try,” she told Riley. Riley said her feelings had shifted when this girl from Hungary lost.

I want you to look up ‘Lia Thomas Interview’ on YouTube, and watch the six minute one. During this interview, Thomas says, “Transgender women do not threaten women’s sports.” Have you ever wondered why women don’t participate in men’s sports? It is because women simply don’t have the strength to beat them.

I like the current policy of the Bonner County School District. The policy is that school bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports are dictated by sex at birth, and not gender opinion. They put this policy into place, so that kids could have equal opportunities, privacy, and a welcome learning place. This should never change. Please don’t make it change.

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3 Comments on Give Them an Inch and They’ll Want A Mile

  1. It’s amazing and inspiring how passionate you are about this subject. It’s sad most young people don’t share the same views, keep spreading this truthful message!

  2. It is a major topic throughout this country and I am happy to see you tackle it in a well presented article.

    Those that previously fought for “women’s rights” no longer seem to understand what that means.

    I appreciate how you went to hear Riley speak and learn about this issue first hand. I also appreciate the fact that as a young person in school, you have a very definite point of view. Stay strong!

    Blessings to you.

  3. I appreciate you bringing heart to this article with a personal story (the girl from Hungary). Personal stories make articles much more meaningful, relatable and compelling. This is an issue everyone should care about. Thank you for your efforts.

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