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Are We On The Brink Of WW3?

Other contributing factors that our enemies know about the US which could influence their actions


Are We On The Brink Of WW3?

So many hostile world circumstances are happening recently, that it is very possible a world war could be ignited by one wrong move by a country or a terrorist organization.

There are currently two major conflicts (wars) taking place, one in Ukraine and the other in Israel. There is a possibility for another major conflict to happen between China and Taiwan due to China’s increasing intrusions into Taiwan’s airspace.

The US is involved in all three of these conflicts by supplying Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan with military equipment and ammunition. In fact the US is now in a proxy war with Russia as it supplies the materials for Ukraine to fight Russia.

There is now a solid coalition of four nations who wish to destroy America and Israel, they are Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. With that existing condition, the following events have the potential to touch off a major war (WW3).

  1. Israel has confirmed it is going to invade the Gaza Strip (Palestine).
  2. Iran has stated it will take action against Israel (in addition to Hezbollah invading from the north) if Israel does invade Gaza.
  3. The US has two major aircraft carriers with support ships standing by in the Mediterranean Sea ready to to take action against any nation (Iran) or terrorist group that interferes with Israeli’s action.
  4. Russia approximately 900 miles to the north in the Black Sea has airborne Mig 31 fighters on patrol carrying the Kinzhal hypersonic missile that can reach the Mediterranean sea in less than 10 minutes.

Other contributing factors that our enemies know about the US which could influence their actions is that we have a weak confused Commander In Chief, low stock piles of weapons/ammunition, and a “Woke” military command structure more concerned with implementing the LGBTQ agenda than combat readiness.

Thus, the overall current situation is volatile and unpredictable considering the four nation coalition’s complete dedication to the destruction of Israel and the US.