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Where Will It All End?

We know from history that America was founded as a christian nation by miraculous help from God


Where Will It All End?

By Pete Ketcham

It is evident today that there is a growing national abandonment of the Godly biblical principles that the nation formerly honored. In light of this growing situation many christian conservatives wonder if God is going to allow the complete destruction of our Constitutional Nation.

We know from history that America was founded as a christian nation by miraculous help from God, but has now abandoned the christian moral principles that had guided it for so many years, and is thus experiencing the catastrophic consequences of it’s choices.

There is a moral degeneration that was unimaginable only 20 to 25 years ago. The following are just a few of the many degenerate changes that have overtaken our nation.

  1. Our teachers at one time were regarded as moral icons that we trusted to intellectually and morally lead our children to “higher ground”. Today they have turned into depraved advocates of the degenerate LGBTQ sexual practices, and are now the last person a caring parent wants around their children.
  2. Our news media use to deliver accurate, objective, and unbiased news that we could rely on, but today they deliver lies, and biased, inaccurate “news” that completely misleads the public. In reality they have turned into the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.
  3. At one point this nation controlled it’s borders, this being one of the basic actions any nation takes to maintain it’s sovereignty, but today (through the action of president Biden) we have abandoned our southern boarder, and have allowed millions of undocumented illegal aliens and drugs to flood our nation.

This list could go on for several pages documenting issues and entities that are destroying our nation, but these three illustrate the typical devastation that has overtaken our nation.


And so, one may wonder why God has allowed this nation to plunge into so much depravity. The answer in part, is based on the principle that God gives individuals and nations alike the free will to make their own choices, and to experience either the benefits or the direr consequences of those choices.

Where it will all end no one knows for sure, but two possibilities could be considered among many:

  • The nation will continue on it’s illogical immoral course to the point where it becomes so chaotic and militarily weak that an aggressor nation (China, Russia, N Korea) decides to launch an all-out attack (EMP or nuclear), resulting in a devastated nation.
  • The citizens could finally wake up and reject the illogical immoral control of the Democrats. But looking at California as an example of disastrous Democrat control, and the citizens continuing to reelect them, it does not look very promising that the national population will wake up in time to save the nation. As has been expressed “ As California Goes, So Goes The Nation”.

And so, whatever the future holds for the nation, one can rest assured of one fact, it is going to get worse as long as the Democrats remain in control.

3 Comments on Where Will It All End?

  1. Over a 75-year period, Americans have become too comfortable…fat & happy, lazy, and afraid to make any change that might upset that lifestyle. Slowly, each generation has been indoctrinated, dumbed down and conditioned to expect less. More and more people are dependent on gov’t for a paycheck or a handout and they don’t want to spoil that for themselves.

    Until they are hungry due to no food on the shelves at Walmart; can’t afford to heat their homes or drive their cars; can’t send their kids to school for safety or cultural reasons, there will be no meaningful opposition to the criminal enterprise operating in Washington, DC and throughout many states.

  2. It is now that all people, who can see the writing on the wall, must get right with God through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It is my belief that the rapture is coming like an express train. We are instructed to prepare for the imminent return of the Lord, and with all the deliberate sin and the public condoning of such in the world, it is overdue.

  3. This is only an illusion that there is a two party system. These are different wings of the same bird. The only way out is that the people stand up against this tyranny en masse. No one is coming to save us. These politicians are all bad actors!

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