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The Republican Party’s Future

Believe that it is best to ignore the Democrat’s illegal manipulation of the 2020 & 2022 elections?


The Republican Party’s Future

By Pete Ketcham

Republicans are divided on who would be the best candidate for the forthcoming 2024 presidential election. Although there were eight candidates at the recent debate, in reality there are only three or four viable candidates in addition to Trump.

Many Republicans feel that the winning course of action is to leave Trump and his litigation “baggage” behind and start afresh with another candidate. They believe that it is best to ignore the Democrat’s illegal manipulation of the 2020 & 2022 elections, and concentrate on the 2024 election. The following issues would seem to be some of the things to consider on which course of action to take.

  1. If there is to be a successful long term political future for the Republican party, the Democrats cannot be allowed to steal a presidential election with no ramifications and prosecute the defeated president for questioning the legality of the election. This is the action of a “banana republic” and simply cannot be allowed to continue if we are to remain a constitutional republic.
  2. The Democrats have chosen Trump as the prime target to direct their attacks on, but it is evident that any Republican candidate that has the potential to win an election will be treated the same way.
  3. The poles indicate that Trump is going to be the Republican candidate, but the grim reality is that due to all the indictments Trump will probably lose the general election due to being publicly demonized as a convicted felon. Also, the misuse of the 14th amendment may keep him off various blue state ballets.

Lastly, the Republican party needs to realize that what ever the future holds, they are no longer dealing with an opposing legitimate political party, but with an organized crime enterprise that will not hesitate to use any illegitimate means available to win.

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4 Comments on The Republican Party’s Future

  1. To put your trust and hope in a political party is a fool’s errand. How much better off are we from all the work by “conservatives”? Are we not in the most debt ever? Is our dollar devalued to nothing by endless money printing? Where have all the savior republicans been while all this happens? Answer, It’s the same place as all the other politicians that don’t give one iota about any of you or me, Washington DC. It is the ultimate self-licking ice cream cone. Only in existence to be self-perpetuating.
    Question: Once a politician has said whatever they need to say to be “elected”, what is their primary focus until the next “election”? Answer: getting “re-elected”. How much of this have we witnessed within our local political scene?
    As we all hear repeated so many times, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you hope that a political party that is the other wing of the same bird will change it back to the good ol days if you just vote for the right person, you my friend are insane.

  2. A well-known Trump supporter is being indicted by the DOJ in DC
    for stating the 2020 election was stolen and for calling Biden names.
    Hate crime legislation, which criminalized white males and free speech,
    was initiated by Republicans.
    The Patriot Act and the Dept of Homeland Security to persecute the
    American people as terrorists was established by Republicans.
    The de-industrialization of America and open borders was promoted
    by Republicans
    Ken Paxton, the MAGA Republican A.G. for Texas, was impeached
    by the Republican state legislature.
    Trump and his allies are facing Soviet style show trials for daring to
    resist Klaus Schwab’s and George Soros’ control of the federal and state
    legislatures, their agencies and both political parties. They know Trump
    will win the 2024 general election if they can’t take his name off the ballot.

  3. The RINO party is done they are in cahoots with the communists not a dimes worth of difference just look at the never ending hearings on and on nothing happens Jorden is like a one nut bull all they do is bellar and shit.

  4. The RePUGnicans are part of that organized crime unit. Do NOT let them fool you into believing otherwise. They all are in on it. Good Cop / Bad Cop, their role is to play good cop but they ALL are cops.

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