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Teachers Show They ARE the Problem!

These teachers are ignorant on basic civics and parliamentary procedure

Teachers Show They ARE the Problem!

Editorial by Shari Dovale

The Recall Mob had success last week in their efforts to recall the top 2 conservatives from the board of the West Bonner County School District #83.

After the election, Chairman Rutledge and Vice Chairman Brown attempted to comply with the results, yet were prevented from doing so by … the Recall Mob!

Yes, a special meeting was called so they could step down from their positions on the board and allow the remaining members to vote new chairs into position.

However, the mob, consisting of way too many teachers and headed by Priest River City Council President and former teacher and representative of the teachers union Candy Naccarato Turner, could not figure out how this was supposed to be done. To cover for these shortcomings, they asked an activist judge to stop the scheduled meeting so they would have time to figure it out.

Photo courtesy of Idaho Tribune

If these teachers had ever taken a civics course, or if they have then they should have paid more attention (like what they expect their students to do when they are teaching CRT, DEI, and SEL) they would have understood basic parliamentary procedure.

This makes one wonder what procedures Turner uses to run the City Council meetings? Does she “fly by the seat of her pants” or use actual rules like ‘Roberts Rules’? Maybe she makes them up as she goes?

It also makes one wonder about Trustee Margaret Hall, a former chair of this school board. She, also, should have been aware of these procedures and explained it to the Mob, including Candy Turner. Either she also is woefully ignorant of parliamentary procedure or she just wanted to stir the public up even further with these shenanigans.

It is easy enough to explain the procedures, but Brent Regan did a great job on Facebook:

West Bonner School Board fiasco

This is why you shouldn’t listen to hysterical liberals or the media. The recall election was successful against the two board members who happen to be the chairman and vice chairman. After the vote is official on September 7th you won’t have a chairman or a vice chairman. So who runs the meetings??? You have a flat tire and no spare.

What tonight’s meeting was SUPPOSTED to do was dissolve (NOT resign) the board, which means all the board members relinquish their titles (like Chairman and Vice Chairman) on the board BUT THEY REMAIN ON THE BOARD. The superintendent then conducts the election of a new chairman and then that chairman conducts the balance of the meeting. Then on September 7th when the two recalled board members are no longer on the board you still have a functioning board of three, with a newly elected chairman, which can proceed to fill the remaining seats. This is called the smooth transition of power.

However what we now have is hysterical people who are ignorant of parliamentary procedure and the law, making false claims about the superintendent appointing a new board which is a claim COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED by Idaho law. How they got a judge to issue an injunction against a legal and necessary meeting is beyond comprehension.

Welcome to the post justice America. Thanks Uncle Joe….

I always believed the reason the teachers did not want government and civics courses in schools was that it did not fit with their DemonRats/Liberal/Progressive agendas, yet it seems to be more than that. They are too ignorant on the subjects and cannot teach what they do not know.

Watch Candy Turner and the other mob members at Friday’s meeting, and notice that Turner is not hesitant to stand on the tables and possible destroy this furniture as she seems to believe she is entitled to do:




2 Comments on Teachers Show They ARE the Problem!

  1. The best solution to the Marxist teachers’ union and their woke Marxism
    is to remove the teachers’ union from the public schools in Bonner County.

  2. Since the election will not be official until September 7, 2023, conducting any new business with the current board would not be appropriate. The new board should be the one determining the operation of the school district, not the old board. The old board could approve thing the new board doesn’t agree with and thus tying the hands of the new board.

    The next school board meeting should be held next week, when the recalled member vacate their seats and the new board is formed with an announce of a new election of board members.

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