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Stalin Would Defeat Lincoln In Rank Choice Voting

Add spoiler candidates for Lincoln and his percentage is diluted further.


Stalin Would Defeat Lincoln In Rank Choice Voting

by Dean Cannon

Rank Choice Voting is how dark money and mob rule subvert Democracy and defeat “values voters”. The rank choice system turns red states purple, then purple states blue. If you doubt this, simply look where RCV is active. It is how Alaska’s house seat went from a Republican (R-Don Young) to far left extremist and activist (D-Mary Peltola) in one election cycle. To see how this works read on.

Abe Lincoln, Stalin and Mao are running for office. No one has heard of Mao but everyone knows Lincoln and Stalin. Because Lincoln voters are conservative or “values voters” they would never rank Stalin or Mao as their 2nd candidate as neither hold their values. As there is little difference between Mao and Stalin their voters each rank the other candidate as their 2nd choice.

In the election, Lincoln gets 49% of the vote. This does not meet the threshold (50%) required for a clear majority win in Rank Choice Voting. Consequently, the election goes to an immediate machine run-off or “ranked choice” vote where Stalin receives 27% of the vote while Mao only 24%. Because Stalin and Mao voters ranked each others candidates 2nd, Stalin wins the election as his number of votes, combined with Mao voters’ 2nd choice, surpasses the 50% threshold required to win.

Stalin wins despite Lincoln getting more votes.

Add spoiler candidates for Lincoln and his percentage is diluted further. RCV’s evil genius lay in its ability to deny voters a clear choice while promising less divisiveness! Would a Lincoln voter agree? RCV intentionally targets conservative tendencies to split votes while allowing far left candidates to gang up on an unsuspecting electorate.

Please do not sign pledges for the Rank Choice Scam. And do not fall for the Open Border Primary.


2 Comments on Stalin Would Defeat Lincoln In Rank Choice Voting

  1. Sadly, far too many people still fail to recognize that the Republican party’s lack of meaningful opposition to this and countless other machinations obviously designed to lead to its demise is not by accident.

    No organization with access to this level of resources and professional political strategists can be this F’ng incompetent! No, this can only be deliberate–which means there is no real opposition.

    Power has never been consolidated to such a degree on a global level and, unfortunately, I fear it cannot be stopped at this point. The future is bleak indeed.

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