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Are We Transitioning Into A Socialist/Communist Nation?

The illogical agenda the Democrats are promoting today is beyond comprehension.


Are We Transitioning Into A Socialist/Communist Nation?

By Pete Ketcham

Conservative talk show hosts, columnists, TV hosts, politicians, etc. have repeatedly warned us, that our nation is being transformed into a socialist or communist nation.
But the chaos that is happening in our nation today is not a move toward a functioning communist/socialist nation, but is the result of the lack of wisdom and logic to govern, which is moving the nation into a complete collapse.

Socialist or communist nations (although their rule is extremely harsh) exercise a degree of logic concerning their law enforcement, electric power grids, manufacturing, transportation, commerce, boarder security, and the list goes on. The Democrats are doing the opposite in our nation with their illogical destructive policies.

The illogical agenda the Democrats are promoting today is beyond comprehension. They do not realize they are not only destroying the nation we live in, but also the nation they live in.

Some of the illogical policies of their agenda are as follows;

  1. Border Invasion
    The Democrats have literally invited the whole world to illegally cross our southern border and receive multiple free benefits for doing so. They mistakenly think they are creating a voter block that will keep them in power indefinitely, but in reality they have created a future crises that will impact our nation socially and criminally to a extent that is unimaginable at this time.
  2. Climate Change
    The Democrats have promoted a climate fraud they are using to destroy the electric power produced by the fossil fuel energy base of this nation. They are destroying continuous power producing dams and power plants, and attempting to replace them with intermittent power producing windmills and solar farms. They intend to destroy the entire fossil fuel industry (according to Biden) which our nation’s survival depends on for transportation of everything we eat, buy, and consume.  It should be noted that Communist China is building six times as many coal fired power plants as the rest of the world is building, but the Democrats are senselessly shutting down our coal and gas fired plants as fast as they can.
  3. LGBTQ
    This degenerate Democrat movement defies all logic of God given human nature. It’s philosophy is that men can be transformed into women, and women can be transformed into men. This LGBTQ philosophy is being promoted in schools and is indoctrinating our children into believing in this sexual idiocy. There is little tolerance for this insanity in Russia, China, and N Korea.
  4. Crime, Homelessness & Drugs
    Most major Democrat controlled cities in the nation are now overwhelmed by crime, homelessness, and drugs, with the situation growing worse on a daily basis. Democrat city management has lost control of the streets, with the result that major retailers and small businesses are closing up and moving out. It is safer today to walk the streets of communist Moscow Russia, than most major American cities.


It is acknowledged that many characteristics of communism and socialism are manifested in the illogical agenda of the Democrats, and that many conservatives firmly believe we are moving into a socialistic/communistic structured nation, but in reality, the insane actions of the Democrats are moving us into a total catastrophic collapse of our nation, abandoning any semblance of a structured nation.


1 Comment on Are We Transitioning Into A Socialist/Communist Nation?

  1. There are a few more items missing. Marxist feminism is
    an ideology to destroy men and the family and to radically
    change the nature of women and men and to bring about the
    destruction of society and culture. Marxist feminism also promotes
    human de-population. And there is another item which most people are to
    afraid to mention, the death of the white race. Today, the white population
    makes up 7 percent of the world’s population. By the end of this century, the white population will make up 2 percent of the world’s population. In other words, the white race will be extinct by the end of this century. The race that established Christian Western Civilization will cease to exist.

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