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They Took A Bullet For Us

In 2022, it was estimated that only 167,284 of WWII veterans are still alive.

Honor Flight

They Took A Bullet For Us

by Karen Schumacher

WWII was the last Constitutionally declared war by Congress with all multiple subsequent conflicts being decided by an unelected council.  While many countries participated in the fight to end Nazism, it was the force of American men who supported those countries in ending the most tyrannical regime of the 20th century.

In 2022, it was estimated the only 167,284 of those veterans are still alive.  But that does not account for the 16 million Americans who served during the war, and the estimated 420,000 who died.

For all those sacrifices, including those who did not engage directly in combat, we must be reminded especially of those who took a bullet for us.  How are Americans honoring their sacrifice?

The saying goes, you’ll never meet an atheist in a foxhole.  Yet America has made sure that the very faith that carried these Americans through the war and at home has been wiped from its soul.  And we are making sure children don’t understand the role of faith in their lives.

Education has been allowed to take control over children, ensuring the sacrifices made for them by Americans are never taught, instead, filling their heads with a fantasy world of equality, lack of want, forever peace, and transforming individual thought to one of collectivism and group think.

What was a selfless society that gave and sacrificed for men who fought, we now have a world full of self-absorbed individuals demanding their entitlements, proclaiming their right to anything they want and how they behave, and falsely deserve while taking their selfies, with forced tolerance by others.

Millions of foreigners are flooding America with zero intent for allegiance or loyalty to it, with little desire to understand the significance of its history, or appreciation for those who fought for it.

How are those who took a bullet for us being honored?  What sacrifices are being made to preserve what they fought for?  What more can be done beyond a “Thank you for your service”, annual days of remembrance and parades, or an occasional movie that depicts their sacrifices?

Those Americans took a bullet for us protecting our country….and this is how we carry that responsibility, by not defending anything, but rather choosing to elect a senile man to act as as a totalitarian, letting non-American entities make decisions about how the world’s future will look and how lives will be lived, and watching as unconstitutional federal agencies run amok.  Instead, we choose to sit by and ruminate over stories meant only for distraction from the real destruction being carried out under the guise of constant predictions of doom and gloom, and being led by the nose with constantly changing false narratives.

And who needs a government anymore, social engineering of a society and decision-making by science will work better for a socially just and equitable society.

Under the ruse that all of this is being done for “future generations”, in reality future children will not be allowed to decide their own future, it is being decided for them, right now.  This is so opposite from those who fought to protect our freedom to choose.

This is how we guard what was entrusted to us?  Out of the many ways in which we could take our sovereignty back, both as individuals and a country, we refuse to do it.  Is it because of fear?

Choosing to lament about these conditions on social media instead of discussing actions and solutions…this is the sorry way in which to honor those who took a bullet for us.

Maybe the United Nations, World Economic Forum, Mr. Global, and all the other corrupt groups are right.  As society has descended into moral decay and separation from the Constitution while continuing to acquiesce, maybe there does need to be more control over humans with surveillance to ensure that everyone is behaving appropriately, or rather accepting their dictates of compliance.  Access to goods should be controlled with a central bank digital currency to ensure that no one gets more than their fair share.  Maybe population growth should be lowered and controlled so fewer deplorables are around.

The assaults we are currently under might be greater than any America has faced before.  Not only are we under siege by a world of corporations, groups that are systematically blurring our sovereign boundaries with regional decisions, but we are also under siege by a government that literally is as tyrannical as King George, and we know who is at the helm of this oligarchy with minions that are rolling out dictates they want, while violating laws that were written to protect our rights.

Just as if it were a daily Pearl Harbor, the same assaults are being forced on us…every day, because we are not fighting to protect ourselves.  Cities built with dense housing, renewable energy, electric vehicles, controlling appliances, increased government dependency, migration, more surveillance, loss of free speech and censorship, central bank digital currency instead of a dollar bill, government in bed with corporations, money being sucked out of every working individual to give to other countries and to those who contribute nothing…and the list of assaults is growing.

And here we sit here, doing nothing, many times hiding behind those who have been willing to put their lives and livelihoods in front of those enemies.  Why are so many unwilling to take the bullet, especially now before the real bullets begin to fly?

The current status would probably be best described by these soldiers as a complete FUBAR.  But this is the thanks we have chosen to give them.  What will it take to awaken the sleeping giant again?

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