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Is It Complex Or Simple?

We see the complex activities of the Bidens and the Democrat Party as they hide their criminal actions

A Spiritual Battle or Political?

Is It Complex Or Simple?
A Spiritual War

By Pete Ketcham

We see the complex activities of the Bidens and the Democrat Party as they hide their criminal actions, and hypocritically prosecute their political opponents with nebulous baseless charges. They steal elections by complex tampering and maneuvers at the “ballet box”. There are many more illegal actions (to numerous to mention) the Democrats have taken in the destruction of our constitutional nation.

Although all these illegal unconstitutional actions by the Democrat Party seem complicated, in reality it is a spiritual war between good and evil. Our nation started out as a christian nation and remained so for over 200 years. We placed the Ten Commandments plaques in our court houses and schools, imprinted “In God We Trust” on our coins, and sang “God Bless America” at public events, but that has all changed.

We are now in the final stages of an all-out spiritual war that Satan began in earnest in the 60’s, using the “baby boomer” generation as his “front-line troops”. These baby boomers declared that “God was dead”, sang “Jesus Christ superstar, are you who you think you are?”, and gathered together at the drug and sex Woodstock event. During this time the christian community carried on as usual, not realizing that an all-out spiritual war had began for the heart and soul of the nation.

One may feel it may be too simplistic to just declare that all the political and moral conflict between the God-fearing conservatives and the godless liberals is spiritually based, but it is. Satan is determined to destroy all aspects of christian influence in this nation (and the whole world) and is using his minions in the Democrat Party and also movements such as the LGBTQ to accomplish his evil agenda.

The question many of us face today is; Will God help the christian community bring the nation back to it’s christian roots? The answer is; no one really knows, but If one looks at the historical biblical interactions between God and the Jewish nations, they may see what may be in store for the United States.

When the Jewish nations abandoned God and His principles for living life, they were first warned by prophets to change course, and when they did not, they were in many cases overtaken by a foreign nation. In other cases they were allowed to live with the disastrous results of their own illogical decisions to worship other “gods”.


Today in America, we are currently experiencing the disastrous results of abandoning God and the christian moral principles that had guided this nation. We now have uncontrolled crime in the major cities, rampant homelessness and drug use, gross degenerate sexual perversion (LGBTQ movement), southern border invasion, and corruption throughout our state and federal governments.

In addition to the above listed catastrophes, there is the possibility that our nation could be drawn into a devastating conventional or nuclear war with Russia or China over our current actions concerning Ukraine and Taiwan.

At this point it looks like Satan is having success in the spiritual war that has overtaken our nation, yet God is still in control of everything, and His will, will prevail.