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Exclusive: Statement from Commissioner Williams on Unprecedented Events

It is unclear how the courts will handle this unprecedented matter


Exclusive: Statement from Commissioner Williams on Unprecedented Events

Last week a high level county employee reported to the prosecuting attorney and the Sheriff that Commissioner Bradshaw verbalized death threats against me.  I was informed of the death threats on the same day.   Death threats should never be ignored or taken lightly. Affidavits were written and submitted with additional documentation regarding the threat to the court.  The courts issues a temporary restraining order upon review of the information.    

It is by many accounts a completely unprecedented situation where in the courts have taken action against a sitting county commissioner for making death threats against a co-commissioner.   Regardless of precedence, the county has a responsibility to take every reasonable action to provide a safe work environment.  In this situation I and the county employees are owed that protection and assurance of a safe, hostile free work environment.

It is unclear how the courts will handle this unprecedented matter. On August 21,2023, the county administration issued a county wide email informing employees that Commissioner Bradshaw has been restricted from all county property.  He  is permitted to fulfill his work obligations via electronic Zoom meetings.   Up to this point, the county has relied on the civil action that I brought before the court to restrict commissioner Bradshaw from county property and my immediate presence.   In my opinion, the county administrators have an obligation outside of my civil action to protect my safety, and the safety of all employees of the county building.  As such, I have requested that  the county administrators  take action to protect me and ensure a safe work environment for all who work and conduct business with the county.  Law enforcement, the prosecutor’s office and human resources are diligently working on this very difficult issue. 

Asia Williams, SSBB, LPN, MBA


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3 Comments on Exclusive: Statement from Commissioner Williams on Unprecedented Events

  1. Where was the justice for all the sitting commissioners when the radicals were screaming and jumping up and down? Wheeler refused to do anything. And why was Wheeler called? It was quite clear that building is not his jurisdiction. Why wasn’t the city police notified? In this snowflake environment one should ever say what he said. But I have watched Commissioner Williams push, bully and purposely antagonize Commissioner Bradshaw for months. How does anyone get any work done, with all the drama? FYI: I have never been a Bradshaw fan, but he has definitely been mistreated as well.

  2. For a start, I would highly recommend a seventy two hour psychiatric hold on Commissioner Bradshaw to determine his mental stability. He could be a danger to himself, as well as others!

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