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Wooten II – On Patriot Radio!

Wooten II – On Patriot Radio!

Remember when the first Wooten Memo STOPPED the Bundy trials? Welcome to Wooten II! Audio of Patriot Radio is available at the Podbean Link, Video on the Rumble link! Here is a link to the original: Wooten!




2 Comments on Wooten II – On Patriot Radio!

  1. We love Pastor Matt here in Spokane. His Godly courage, wisdom, patience and calmness is inspirational.

  2. A VERY explosive broadcast !…Matt’s exposition on Wooten II reveals a federal culture of arrogance and distain and lawlessness comparable only to organized crime…We are thorougnly alienated and disenchanted with a govt – the fed – that won’t do anything about it…When gross abuse continues despite the most strenuous protest and appeal, what recourse are we left with ?

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