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The Truth Will Set You Free

get the books in order and come up with real solutions to the district’s problems

The Truth Will Set You Free

When Susan Luckey suggested that the May levy failed because voter turnout was low, she was wrong.  The numbers tell a different story.  Voter turnout for this last levy ballot measure was significantly higher than it was for the prior levy ballot measure, and pretty much all the increase in turnout turned out against the levy.

Like it or not (and I don’t), Mr. Durst was right about our school district.  It has been failing, we’ve been losing students, and it does not have the trust of the district residents.  Those are just the facts.  If we ignore them and continue down the same path voter turnout will increase further, we’ll have even less of a chance of passing school funding levies in the future, and much worse, even less of a chance of improving our schools.

As Mr. Durst said, it is time for a fresh set of eyes and I’m glad our board realized that and hired him to help us fix the problems that are so evident in our district.  Even Ms. Luckey stated that she would support a forensic audit (though that did seem like a change in tune).  So, let’s start there, get the books in order, roll up our sleeves, and then start to come up with real solutions to the district’s problems instead of trotting out that same tax-and-spend band-aid that Democrats always push.  We owe that to our children and all the residents of the district.

Crystal Wagner
Priest River


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