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School District Finds Over $1 Million ‘Spare’ Money

We won't have phones or sports without the levy.


School District Finds Over $1 Million ‘Spare’ Money

by Bret Roush

These issues bring back memories: my daughter protesting a levy and being threatened, by students encouraged by a teacher.

  • If we don’t pass the levy, we won’t have phones in the school.
  • If we don’t pass the levy there won’t be any school sports.
  • If we don’t pass the levy…..

The list is long and when you think about all the things we “wouldn’t have” it gets really silly. They really won’t have phone lines in a school? The teachers union (association? It performs all the functions of a union – it’s a union) has the bully pulpit for propaganda, our students.

Time to stop listening to the highest paid population in the county.

By Casey Whalen

Vice Chair Susan Brown of the West Bonner County School District breaking news of ‘secret’ bank accounts found recently totaling around $1 MILLION DOLLARS.

This is technically being classified as unaccounted for funds at this time. 

There was a school board meeting held on Wednesday evening. Stay tuned for more updated information!