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Radical Agenda in Priest River

The answers to these questions may be ugly, but we have to ask

Radical Agenda in Priest River

Some in Priest River have been driven to fear of change by all the misinformation being spread by Democrat-backed political groups and radical leftist activists that popped up from out of the district to get involved and whip up a frenzy of negativity about Branden Durst and our elected school board, groups like Idaho Moms and activists like Colin Day and the Boise based social media influencer  Socialistlyawkward.

Yes, we literally have self-identified socialist outsiders who also pushed Emily Drabinski’s “queering of our libraries” agenda in Sandpoint trying to influence who our elected school board chooses for its superintendent.

We should be asking ourselves why. Why were Democrats and socialists from Boise so invested in making sure that Branden Durst didn’t get the job?  Why are they lying about his qualifications?

Why are a small but very aggressive minority of our district working with the self-identified socialist outsiders to keep a few families in control of the district and its finances?

Why did they drive Jackie Brannum out with harassment and an organized revolt?  Why are they running a campaign to get the only two board members who voted “no” to a 57% levy increase recalled?

Why are they fighting so hard against the change that our school system desperately needs to serve the children of our district properly?  The answers to those questions may be ugly, but we have to ask.

Kathryn Barlow
Spirit Lake


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2 Comments on Radical Agenda in Priest River

  1. We’ve got to organize!
    The Left are far better than we are at this. It allows them to leverage their numbers and have an impact many times greater than their actual support.
    We’ve got to do the same.

  2. As the international Marxist’s huge illegal immigrant
    population burns down France, here in Idaho the Marxists
    intend to attack and remove from the public square all Christian
    values and morals. The perverts have openly declared that they
    want your children.

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