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Law Professors Advocate for a Socialist Dictatorship

Claiming that laws are biased against marginalized groups is just another screwdriver in the guilt trip toolbox

Socialist Dictatorship

Law Professors Advocate for a Socialist Dictatorship

by Shari Dovale

Aaron Belkin describes himself as a “scholar, author, activist and dancer..” He is an LGBT activist whose day job is as a Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University.

Belkin offered his blog to host a combined open letter with Mark Tushnet, a Karl Marx-influenced Law professor from Harvard, to advocate for bypassing two of the three branches of government.

Tushnet would like you to believe he is an authority on the Constitution, and he actually has been paid by various law schools to teach our founding documents. What he really knows well is Critical Legal Studies (CLS), of which Critical Race Theory is an offshoot.

CLS adherents claim that laws are devised to maintain the status quo of society and thereby codify its biases against marginalized groups.

They have advocated for stacking the Supreme Court or doing away with it altogether in favor of Direct Democracy, also known as pure democracy, and is a form of government where all laws, bills, and court decisions are voted on by all citizens. It is Not a Representative Democracy.

Tushnet wrote “Taking the Constitution away from the courts.” He is an advocate of destroying judicial review, meaning he would do away with the Supreme Court’s power to declare a Legislative or Executive act in violation of the Constitution.

At Harvard, he confirmed that if he were put onto the bench, he would use his power to “decide what decision in a case was most likely to advance the cause of socialism.” 

Joe Biden recently declared that the Supreme Court is ‘not a normal court” in response to the Affirmative Action ruling that is so popular with the citizens in the country.

Tushnet and Belkin have risen in defiance of this ruling and want Biden to bypass the court as well as Congress.

“…the threat that MAGA justices pose is so extreme that reforms that do not require Congressional approval are needed at this time, and advocates and experts should encourage President Biden to take immediate action to limit the damage.”

They are advocating that Biden take the law into his own hands, bypass both the Judicial branch and the Legislative branch, and rule this country as a dictator under a single branch of government.

These Socialists acknowledge that their proposal is not “risk-free,” because “future GOP administrations would cite it as precedent for ignoring federal courts.” But they then minimize this danger because “Republican presidents might well ignore federal courts regardless of what President Biden does,” citing the GOP’s “failure to hold President Trump accountable for inciting a violent coup.”

Therefore the next step in the plan must be to advocate for violent uprising in favor of ceasing all elections and keeping the current regime in place.

Critical Legal Studies, popular constitutionalism, and direct democracy have been touted for decades and generations. Critical legal studies had its intellectual origins in the American legal realist movement in the 1920’s and 1930s.

Claiming that laws are biased against marginalized groups is just another screwdriver in the guilt trip toolbox. Guilt can be a powerful weapon, and many people know how to wield it skillfully. When no one has done wrong, they imply the situation that they have devised is somehow your fault.

A great example is convincing people to apologize for being born with DNA they could not possibly control. Success is when reparations are offered to people for never being a part of the guilt-ridden situation by people that were never there either.

They want you to believe that the country that God gave us is somehow going against nature by being inherently biased. History has shown us that the Left will warp the truth in favor of their ideology.

The truth comes down to their fight against God. That is why they do not hesitate to misquote the bible as just another tool to gain their agenda. They do not hesitate to use whatever strategy or sin that gains them the greatest leverage. Demanding the country be transformed to a socialist state is the ultimate goal.

The generational aspect of this way of thinking shows that the founders of these thought processes were not concerned with it’s inception during their lifetimes, though they would have relished that happening.

I see a pattern, but my imagination cannot picture the maker of that pattern. I see a clock, but I cannot envision the clockmaker. ~ Albert Einstein.

Looking at the long-term aspect indicates that this is spiritual warfare. Satan is patient and has long-term goals. He incites humans to sin and deny God.

Regardless of the Communist way of thinking, the atheist brand on the country, or the social justice method of guilt trips, the existence of God has been proven.

Allowing the transformation of our country cannot be tolerated. The Left wants a violent uprising to change us into a socialist country. Yet God inspired our founders and gave us this country. We fought only when he guided us to those actions. “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” (Exodus 14:14)

God will show you how powerful and awesome he is. This is God’s battle, and we must be His warriors.


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  1. Is this any differenct than Trump wanting to consolidate power in the office of the presidency? Both should be considered repugnant to our constitutional form of government. We fought against fascism in WWII; now we fight it yet again at home, except most Americans are deaf to its consequences.

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