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Bradshaw Eliminates Representative Govt in Bonner County

One third of the county will not be allowed this representation

Bradshaw Eliminates Representative Govt in Bonner County

Bradshaw Eliminates Representative Govt in Bonner County

by Shari Dovale

Bonner County Commission (BOCC) Chairman Steven Bradshaw never fails to show everyone his contempt for the public. He reinforced this malice during the July 18th Bonner County business meeting in Sandpoint.

For the past several weeks, Bradshaw has repeatedly stated that he has unilaterally decided that he will no longer allow public comment. He claims that as Chairman he can arbitrarily make these decisions and he answers to no one.

He has whined that the public cannot be nice to him and therefore he will not allow anyone to speak. He has somehow forgotten all the nastiness he has thrown at the community, both in and out of these official meetings.

At various times over the past months he has called his constituents reprobates, bacteria, stupid and lame, demanded they be jailed if he doesn’t like their comments, called public comment in general debauchery and foolishness, yelled obscenities during meetings, told taxpayers to “Kiss his A**,” and recently he demanded the police be called to clear a room so no one could have a discussion without him being present.

Additionally, he has treated the only female commissioner with a level of disrespect that should have the “Me Too” movement rising in righteous rage. He has called her a liar in public meetings, demanded that her microphone be muted so she could not speak during meetings, literally finger points to her and tells the public to blame her for the problems, and has also called her a “witch.”

Bradshaw has pretended that this is something new to him, as in all of a sudden he has to slam the hammer down on public comment, yet the truth shows that he has been trying to stop all public comment since almost the first meeting he chaired.

This is ongoing drama that these men immerse themselves in at every meeting. The public is tired of it and it needs to stop.

The most recent debacle he chose to lead was Tuesday, July 18th, in which the agenda item put forth by Commissioner Williams read:

Action Item: Discussion/Decision Regarding holding Commissioner Community Chat Hour from 9:00 to 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday Mornings

This request was made by the community since Bradshaw had declared he would not allow public comment and would recess the meetings each week until 10am. The Community chat is currently from 8am to 9am, with Commissioner Williams hosting guest speakers with whom the public can interact.

Bradshaw, again, doubled-down against the public and refused to allow it. He went so far as to shut down a vote from Commissioner Williams.

Bradshaw has shown the unsaid part in full: They do not need to allow Commissioner Williams a vote as they can do whatever they want between the 2 men on the board.

He tried to mute her at a previous meeting. These men have bullied her out of the room at prior meetings, and mocked her for leaving. Now they just ignore her vote and say they do not need it.

This is my representative. She is the Commissioner over District 2, in which I live. I am expected to let a representative government work and give her my voice and my vote, but Bradshaw has established that I, along with one third of the county, will not be allowed this representation.



5 Comments on Bradshaw Eliminates Representative Govt in Bonner County

  1. Apparently Bradshaw and Omodt are not aware of the code of ethics contained within the county commissioners set of rules dictated by the state.
    The state board of commissioners needs to be apprised of the conduct of of Bradshaw and Omodt and a recall election needs to be conducted against both.
    If no one else has the intestinal fortitude to start the recall petition, let me know what I need to do to get it moving and I will proceed because I not afraid of the sorry piece of dung that professes to be a man of God but doesn’t carry himself as anything but a self centered hypocrit.

  2. Darkness is settling in on Bonners County. A population of twenty-eight thousand voters is allowing a jackass in a cowboy hat and a want-to-be commissioner to dishonor the office they serve. Some might ask why I don’t attend the meetings. I live in Lewis County, Washington, and will soon be moving to Idaho. You can bet I won’t be looking at Bonner County for my new home. It saddens me that not even 1% of the registered voters in Boner County are willing to assist a hand full of good patriots that are fighting to save their County. Furthermore, it is concerning that you elected them in the first place. Apathy has no boundaries and Satan is thrilled about that.

  3. Commissioners Omodt & Williams have the power to remove Bradshaw as Chairman of BOCC. Given his performance to date, why is that not happening? Clearly, Bradshaw is not suited for the position.

    The entertainment value of these meetings has expired. They are now an embarrassment and waste of time and taxpayer dollars, which each commissioner claims to value dearly. It is clear why Bonner County remains dysfunctional throughout various departments. The citizens deserve better.

    • The guy in the cowboy hat and the guy with the hand-grenade
      coffee cup are joined at the hip. They are soulmates and acolytes
      of Dan Macdonald, the Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco Democrat, who
      destroyed the Bonner County Republican Party.

  4. Why should anyone be surprised. I’m not. It is just going to get worse.
    Bonner County has a one-party system, where conservative Christians
    will never be allowed to achieve political power.

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