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Know Your Enemy

One reason for our continued loses may be that many of us do not realize that we are in a spiritual battle


Know Your Enemy

By Pete Ketcham

It is evident in our nation today, that the God-fearing conservatives (Republicans) and the godless liberals (Democrats) are in an all-out war for the future existence of this constitutional nation.

Sun Tzu, a Chinese military general & strategist, recommended in his book “The Art of War “ that if you are going to war you should know your enemy and also know yourself if you intend to win the battles.

In that context the following is a list of the major characteristics, assets, and deficits of the “enemy” (Democrats)

Liberal-democrat Characteristics

  1. They are skilled liars and deceivers, who only care for what will put them in power, and keep them in power. They have no concerns for the welfare of the citizens and the nation, and care only for what benefits them.
  2. They are totally corrupt and have corrupted every major branch of the government. They are also sexually corrupt, promoting and funding the degenerate perverse sexual agenda of the LGBTQ.
  3. They are election cheaters. They attempted to steal one presidential election, but were able to steal the following presidential election. It is certain they will attempt to steal any future elections by any means available.
  4. And lastly, their policy decisions are illogical and create great harm to the nation. A good example of this is the southern boarder invasion by which millions of illegals and tons of drugs enter our nation.

Liberal-democrat Assets

  1. They control the mainstream news media, which has now been turned into a successful propaganda arm of the Democrat party.
  2. They have control of the entire national education system, from K-12 to collage graduate school, and also control the powerful teachers unions.
  3. They are totally supported by the entertainment industry, which exerts tremendous social influence.
  4. They are able to use social media to organize and propagate their agenda.
  5. They are financially supported in their agenda by numerous billionaires.
  6. And lastly, they are almost 100% able to present a unified front as they promote their liberal agenda.


For the most part there are not any significant political deficits. There may be a mutual distrust among themselves, as they realize they are all deceptive, but as previously stated, they are still able to present a united front.

The following is a list of the major characteristics, assets, and deficits of “ourselves” (Republicans)

Conservative Republican Characteristics

  1. Most are basically honest, deal in the facts and reality of an issue.
  2. They are concerned about the needs of their constituents, yet there are some that are only concerned for their political welfare, and do not support conservative issues.
  3. They are somewhat united on the major issues, but not nearly united as the Democrats.

Conservative Republican Assets

  1. They are supported by Fox News and various talk show hosts, but do not have near the public outreach the Democrats have through the mainstream news media.
  2. They are financially supported in their agenda by some billionaires, but not as many as the Democrats have.
  3. They are able to use social media to promote their agenda.
  4. The greatest asset of all, is that there is a belief in God and his guidance by a large portion of the conservatives and the Republican Party.

Conservative Republican Deficits

  1. Most Republican politicians believe that the solution to the nation’s problems is through the political process. In reality the nation’s problems must be solved in the moral social arena, but unfortunately at this time, there is no clear path how that is to be accomplished.
  2. They are unable to gain control of the national education system, which without this asset, there is no way to return to the original moral constitutional base of the nation.


There are more assets and deficits that could be listed for both the the Democrats and the Republicans, but It is evident that the Republicans are far behind the Democrat’s concerning major social and political assets.

At this point I would have to disagree with Sun Tzu’s quote “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. We do know ourselves and also our enemy, yet we are losing the moral and political battles for the future of this nation at an alarming rate.

One reason for our continued loses may be that many of us do not realize that we are in a spiritual battle, where the evil of Satan has penetrated into every area of our nation.

The following link to a NY parade is just one example of how depraved our nation has become through Satan’s influence. Pride Parade

It would now seem that only a catastrophic intervention of God can bring this nation back to it’s founding constitutional christian based roots, as we have traveled too far down the wrong path to be able to find our way back to God’s guidance and protection.