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Corruption and Academia

No present conservative Republican presidential candidate have any realistic agenda or plan to “overhaul” the national education/indoctrination system.


Corruption and Academia

By Pete Ketcham

What our nation was, and what our nation has become in the last thirty years is almost beyond description. Even though the “baby boomer generation” in the 60’s began the national movement away from God’s protection and guidance, the election of Bill & Hilary Clinton to the presidency in 1993 brought in the fatal dose of national corruption and immorality, which has now spread into every area of the nation.

Back in 1993 most God-fearing conservatives did not realize how far reaching and devastating the damage would be when they first observed the beginning of the national cultural and political corruption under the Clintons. The conservatives believed this corruption could be reversed/stopped by electing Republicans to the presidency and congress, but in reality the corruption only slowed down under Republicans, and accelerated under Democrats. It has now grown for the last thirty years to a point that the nation is facing catastrophic collapse if it continues.

It would take hundreds of pages to thoroughly describe every agenda and institution such as Climate Change, LGBTQ, Illegal Immigration, etc. that is harming and corrupting our nation. But one institution assures that the corruption will continue regardless of which political party is in office, and that institution is the national education system, primarily the universities. This fact is being born out today by the actions of the illogical corrupt individuals that are now in control of this nation, as they all are for the most part a product of the godless university system.


It should be noted that no present conservative Republican presidential candidate (Trump, Desantis, Pence, Haley) have any realistic agenda or plan to “overhaul” the national education/indoctrination system. Despite the political accomplishments of Trump and his MAGA supporters, they did little to nothing to change the liberal course of academia.

Unless the total education system is defunded, dismantled, and rebuilt, there is no hope for a permanent solution to the accelerating decline of the nation.