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A Nautical Analogy

These four issues alone have the capacity to “sink” this nation.

A Nautical Analogy

By Pete Ketcham


Our national situation is similar to a massive ship, that through careless navigation has sustained major damage and is taking on water at a faster rate than the emergency pumps can handle. Unless a rescue vessel comes to it’s aid, it is heading for the bottom with all crew and passengers, as the lifeboats and life jackets had been previously thrown overboard based on a illogical decision of the captain to “lighten the ship”.

The preceding description of a great ship in trouble with a incompetent captain is an analogy of where our nation is as it continues to sink lower and lower into the depraved cultural waters. Keeping with the nautical theme, the conservatives, despite their sincere efforts end up only “Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” as they work to save the “ship of state”. Our nation desperately needs a rescue vessel to “come alongside” and assist us to stay afloat, and of course the only “rescue vessel” that can do that is God Himself.

Current Events & Issues

It is acknowledged that using a nautical theme to illustrate the nation’s situation does not begin to describe the multitude of events and issues that have brought this nation to it’s present state. The following are the four issues (among many) having the greatest impact on the nation at this time, but rest assured there are more coming.

  1. The LGBTQ movement is changing the entire moral base of the nation. It is destroying the Christian moral base and replacing it with a perverse illogical depraved agenda that targets the entire national population, from children to adults. There are no limits to it’s depravity which is growing wider and stronger on a daily bases. The LGBTQ agenda is being accepted and promoted by corporations, academia, Democrat Party, Labor Unions, the military, the liberal news media, and many other entities across the nation.
  2. The environmental climate change is a totally illogical movement which is in the process of destroying the nation’s existing electric power grid system, and replacing it with an inadequate intermittent wind & solar system which cannot begin to provide adequate power for the nation. The nation is now beginning to experience the devastating results of this issue as increasing blackouts are occurring during the winter and summer high power demands.
  3. The illogical culture described as WOKE is sweeping through every entity of this nation, especially academia, government agencies, and the military. It is confusing and distorting the basic English language, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) is sweeping through corporations and businesses, replacing sound business decisions with social priorities. All logic has departed this issue to the point it has moved into the world of fantasy as it continues to spread throughout the nation.
  4. Unrestricted abortion is a “legal” practice in many states that is impacting our nation similar to primitive nations who sacrificed their children to mystical gods. In both cases the “parents” believed their life would be better for doing so. It may not be evident at the time, but there are forthcoming consequences for all involved in the destruction of the God-given beginning of life, as Jesus said “It is better to have a stone tied around your neck and be tossed into the sea, than suffer what is coming to you for harming one of these little ones”


One could go on indefinitely concerning additional details about these issues and others, but these four alone have the capacity to “sink” this nation. There simply has to be a change of tactics and strategy by the conservatives and Republican Party if there is any chance of saving the nation. “Rearranging the deck chairs” just won’t do the job, as the Democrats are already setting up to steal the 2024 election as they did the 2020 and 2022 elections. If the conservatives and Republic Party continue on with the same failed strategy, this constitutional nation will cease to exist.