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To Sandpoint City Council

Love doesn't "live" at your house, or mine. Love lives between us or not at all.

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To Sandpoint City Council Persons,

Responding to Shelby’s latest, and many previous attacks, many people are angry. To be clear from the start, Karen and I see that anger is expensive and rarely buys us anything worthwhile. Instead, we continue to wish all council members well. That includes Shelby … sort of.

As concerns his repeated attacks, I see now that Shelby succeeded, in that he “made” people angry. More to the point, I believe that by tempting people to anger Shelby is trying to incite an act of violence. There are unstable people of all persuasions, however, considering their past actions, it’s easy to imagine a Leftist/Antifa nitwit committing violence, intended to be blamed on others. All of this begins with people being angry.

So, as I said, Shelby won. Falling for his charade, many, including myself at first, were angry. Brian Lorentzen sent all of you a letter explaining the details, though I’d like to think that an explanation wasn’t needed. Whatever the case, I hope you recognize the seriousness of the problem and will do the one thing that could prevent further damage. Call him out – hold Shelby accountable for his unconscionably unprofessional behavior.

By choosing not to censure Shelby, Council members appear to support him – appear to intentionally insult many – some number that we will never know. What we do know is that insulting even one voter/customer is seldom, if ever, wise. And we know that if Shelby’s slander encourages a lost soul to violence, along with the mayor, Sandpoint’s City Counselors will be considered responsible.

One more thing. Remembering woman in that obnoxious Dutch news video … the woman near to tears because she can’t figure out why a Soros sponsored, “Love Lives Here,” sign is insulting … If you know her, please let her know that Love doesn’t dwell, it moves. Love doesn’t “live” at your house, or mine. Love lives between us or not at all.

With concern as well as our best regards,

Tom Carroll & Karen Hefley

1 Comment on To Sandpoint City Council

  1. One thing I noticed about city government is that
    the politicians never tell the voters their party affiliation.
    What are they hiding? Perhaps they are hiding that most
    of them are leftist Democrats from California, who hate conservative,
    patriotic Christians.

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