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Students and Teachers First!


Students and Teachers First!

As a parent, I recognize that education is one of the most important things we can provide our children.  I also recognize that teachers are the primary means of providing that education, and are one of our most important community resources.

Because I value these, I have to ask what we are doing wrong in our West Bonner School District?

Over the past 15 or so years there’s been an almost 30% decline in student enrollment in our district, even as the county has gone through huge growth.  We have a student/teacher ratio that is about 20% lower than state average, yet our student performance is in the bottom 5% of the state. There’s a small but vocal minority in our community (mostly people closely connected to school district employees and contractors) who claim that we need to tax-and-spend.  Where have we heard that before?  But the fact remains that we already spend about $3,000 more per student than surrounding rural school districts, so that’s clearly not the answer our children need.

On May 16th I’m voting NO on the levy, and I suggest all those who truly care about our district’s children do the same.  We need to figure out why all the spending is not effective.  Where is all that money going?  A forensic audit would be a great way to find out, so we can truly be responsible to both our children and our teachers.


Jane Purdy


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