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Protect Children, Vote Rodriguez!

Ignore the deception and vote for Stacy Rodriguez on May 16th! 

Protect Children

Protect Children, Vote Rodriguez!

There is an idea being circulated in our community that some individuals are calling for so called “book bans”. This idea is patently false and is being circulated in bad faith to deflect from the real issue and, ultimately, deceive the public. At no point have any demands to remove content from the East Bonner library been made – the request has always been to house obscene content in an area inaccessible to children.

Having put that lie to rest, let’s address the real issue at hand. The real issue at hand is how we, as a community, want to curate a library collection that is funded with taxpayer dollars and provide access to it in a responsible way.

Stacy Rodriguez’s plan to keep books containing what is legally defined as obscenity in a special section, only accessible to children via parental permission is a responsible and measured one. This is exactly why some people feel the need to mislead us about the real issue at hand.

I would encourage the people of Bonner County to ignore the deception and vote for a trustee who will will keep our library free and safe for our children.  Readers 4 Rodriguez on May 16th!

Faith Brenneman
Spirit Lake


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