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More Bullying from the Bonner CommissionMEN

The people have lost trust and faith in these 2 men and we are calling for them to step down!

More Bullying

More Bullying from the Bonner CommissionMEN

by Shari Dovale

This week’s business meeting with the Bonner County Commissioners (BOCC) highlights the ongoing disrespect that Chairman Steve Bradshaw and his misogynistic BFF Commissioner Luke Omodt have for everyone in the county.

They continue to ignore the requests of the people to explain their votes and their actions. These questions have been asked at nearly every meeting since the inception of this board. This shows the blatant disregard these 2 men have for all of the citizens they took an oath to represent.

They have also repeatedly bullied and attempted to intimidate fellow elected officials, such as the Sheriff and their fellow commissioner, Asia Williams. Though these elected officials have been able to hold their own against the 2 rogue tyrannical commissioners, the question is why should they have to?

There is supposed to be a level of respect and decorum within the county offices, yet these 2 knucklesheads continually show their arses by acting like despots.

The following video is just a small portion of the extreme intimidation they attempt during the meeting towards Commissioner Williams. Chairman Bradshaw makes every attempt to place himself above the law and completely bypass Williams vote.

Kudos to Commissioners Williams for not allowing herself to be bullied by these 2 children-in-grown-bodies.

This continuous behavior is why this county has become utterly dysfunctional. The business of the county cannot get done in a timely manner, if at all, and these men are the reason why.

The people have lost trust and faith in these 2 men and we are calling for them to step down!

Go home, bullies! This is not how our county is supposed to be governed.


2 Comments on More Bullying from the Bonner CommissionMEN

  1. Excellent reporting, so very true! Commissioners Omodt and Bradshaw are “arrogance” and “ignorance” on display. Bonner County is clearly dysfunctional and the problem begins at the top with these two knuckleheads.

    Also, the personal feud between Bradshaw and Sheriff Wheeler needs to be explained to the public. It is affecting County business. One of them needs to go…probably Bradshaw, unless he has a very good explanation for his past derogatory, public comments about Wheeler.

    • I agree! Commissioner Bradshaw and Omodt appear to be the puppet heads for former Commissioner McDonald whos influence should be no part of these meetings. There is certainly something going on behind the scenes. The only person that has shown any moral ethics is Commissioner Williams.

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