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It’s Vital to Vote in the Library Board Election

Please vote for Stacy Rodriguez in Library Board election on May 16th

Library Board Election

It’s Vital to Vote in the Library Board Election

Here is my response regarding Stacy Rodriguez’s run for the library board.

One might legitimately question how our community has arrived at a situation in which books targeted at 12 to 18 year-old children instructing them to photograph themselves, upload those photographs to sex-dating apps on the internet, and use those apps to “hook-up” with random strangers are available in our library.

Unfortunately, the answer is that it’s all part of a woke curation plan set into place by the American Library Association (ALA) which is currently being headed by self-described lesbian Marxist, Emily Drabinski.

Emily is also a native Idahoan (Boise) and it would seem has her home state of Idaho firmly in her crosshairs for her agenda, which she describes in various papers she has authored Queering Library SpaceGendered S(h)elves: Body and Identity in the Library, and Queering the Catalog: Queer Theory and the Politics of Correction.

No matter what one may think of LGBTQ+(etc) lifestyles, reasonable Bonner County residents agree that our libraries are no place for the indoctrination of our children with such targeted agendas via woke library curation – especially when such agendas include the deliberate exposure of minors to highly sexualized content.

But while we have been sleeping, the East Bonner County Library has fallen into line with Drabinski’s ALA-driven agenda for Idaho, supported by a small cadre of radical leftists, Democrats posing as conservative Republicans (see North Idaho Voter Services), and likely some actual conservatives who the former parties have managed to deceive.

What deception you may ask?  Every sort would be an accurate answer.

They suggest that no such books are in the library – investigate this book, which was freely available in our library until very recently after it was pointed out in various local publications as election commentary, or check our libraries for these books and see for yourself.

They claim that the reasonable residents of Eastern Bonner County seeking to protect our children from such woke indoctrination are “extremists” who “want to ban books,” when no proposals to restrict the private publishing, distribution, sale, purchasing, or ownership of any book has been proposed.  They claim that reasonable residents of Bonner County seek to “violate the 1stAmendment,” by simply asking the library to consider placing such books containing obscenity in an age-controlled section, which children can access upon parental permission.

They have even gone so far as to tell county residents that only Sandpoint City residents can vote in tomorrow’s East Bonner County Library Board election, which isn’t true.

The radical leftists seeking to push this agenda in North Idaho and their allies must practice deception like this because they know that the people of North Idaho would never accept their woke agenda if they didn’t.  But now that we know what they’re hiding, it’s vitally important to get out and vote in tomorrow’s East Bonner County Library Board election.

Stacy Rodriguez is running to represent all of Eastern Bonner County on the Library Board, not just certain sections of downtown Sandpoint.  She was clearly and objectively better than the incumbent in every way in the Library Board forum last month.  She knows the facts better than her opponent, she knows the laws better than her opponent, and she even understood the financial details on the $250,000 Mercedes Benz the Library Board voted for better than her opponent (who claims to be a financial expert).

But most of all, Stacy Rodriguez is willing to stand up against a library Board that has voted unanimously on every single issue including ignoring reasonable requests from the residents who pay for it to protect our children from Emily Drabinski’s self-declared woke agenda to sexualize our library.

Julie Reizen
Sandpoint, ID