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Fatal Issues Impacting The Nation

All of the previous mentioned issues have several things in common. First, they are all supported and promoted by the Democrat Party, Hollywood


Fatal Issues Impacting The Nation
(With More Coming)

By Pete Ketcham

It is hard to believe how many major issues that are simultaneously attacking and destroying the traditional Christian beliefs and customs that has guided the nation for so many years. It was inconceivable just thirty years ago to believe this nation could ever be in the degenerate situation it is now in.

There are many destructive issues that have brought our nation to it’s present situation. Individually they have a great negative impact, but combined they have become a devastating force of destruction that is growing more powerful on a daily basis. The following is a brief description of some of these issues:

  • THE BORDER INVASION that is being promoted by the Biden administration is destroying our national security and sovereignty by importing millions of illegal aliens, and enabling Mexican cartels to import hard drugs across our border which are destroying lives throughout the nation.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE MYTH is in the process of destroying the nation’s vital energy production industry, and portions of the general economy. It has no logic nor basis in science, and has almost become a religion among those who promote it.
  • THE LGBT+ COMMUNITY’S perverse and depraved sexual agenda is destroying the nation’s traditional Christian moral base and code of conduct. It is being supported and promoted by the Democrat Party, MSM, Hollywood, and the national education system which is indoctrinating the nation’s youth into this depraved culture.
  • THE ILLOGICAL WOKE CULTURE is in the process of revising the nation’s language into an incomprehensible mess, promoting illogical business decisions based on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), and has impacted the military to the point where they have lost recruitment goals and overall competence and leadership.
  • CRIME is out of control in the larger Democrat cities who have defunded and disparaged their police departments. Democrat prosecutors are no longer putting criminals in jail, but letting them walk free and commit additional crimes. People are no longer safe in their businesses nor in their homes.
  • HOMELESSNESS has invaded every town and city. Most homeless people are drug addicted and in many cases are the product of a godless degenerate upbringing. The Democrat mayors and council members who control the larger cities have no effective solutions, and in many cases their ineffective measures have exacerbated the problem.

And lastly, it should be noted that all of the previous mentioned issues have several things in common. First, they are all supported and promoted by the Democrat Party, Hollywood, and the national education system, and second, they all lack a basis of logic, and operate in a culture of deception. There are many more negative features of these issues that could be commented on, but those listed are the primary ones.


This downward journey of our nation started with the collage students (and others) back in the 1960’s who decided to abandon the guidance and protection of God that the nation had depended on for over 180 years. This abandonment of God’s guidance and protection has grown during the last sixty years through several generations to the point that our nation is now on the verge of a complete national moral collapses. Only through the miraculous help of God can we bring this nation back under His guidance.


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