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Current Library Board Out of Touch

Please vote on May 16th

Library Board Out of Touch

Current Library Board Out of Touch with Community at Large

by Chris Anderson

Over the last few years we’ve had a library that seems severely out of touch with the residents of the county that fund it and that it is supposed to serve.  From ridiculous Covid-19 policies (that were unsupported by science) to a refusal to even consider keeping books that contain sexual material too salacious to print in this paper in an area inaccessible to young children without parental permission.

The current board of trustees has demonstrated that it is out of step with the values that make Bonner County a special place to live and raise our families.

What’s worse is that the current board has voted unanimously on every measure in it’s recent term, including the decision to spend nearly $250,000 of taxpayer money on a Mercedes Benz for the library.

Clearly, we need a new face on the board who will better represent the entirety of East Bonner County, and not just fall into line with the minority special-interest clique that seems to be running our library now.  

If we want true representation of the whole district’s population Stacy Rodriguez is the best choice for EBCL Trustee on May 16th.