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Courage Demonstrated In Oregon

Wagner slipped up and quoted Benjamin Franklin who correctly identified our country, at its founding, as a “Republic.”


Courage Demonstrated In Oregon

by Oregon Firearms Federation

Pushed by Democratic allies in public sector unions, Measure 113 was supposed to curtail walkouts Republicans have used increasingly to stymie bills. But as of now the measure is failing, and with 10 senators now past an apparent point of no return, it is unclear what leverage will bring them back to the building.

The Democrats, in their mindless pursuit of power, and their endless quest to destroy the rights of Oregonians crapped out today.

Once again, Senate President Rob Wagner took to the podium to gnash his teeth in anguish that his vindictive bullying tactics failed to get the Senate Republicans to roll over for the Democrat’s Marxist agenda.

After multiple references to the damage the Republicans were doing to “democracy” Wagner slipped up and quoted Benjamin Franklin who correctly identified our country, at its founding, as a “Republic.”

Franklin and the founders well understood the dangers of “democracies” where the ignorant or malicious majority can crush the rights of the minority. And it was no small irony that Wagner, once again, expressed his impotent outrage that, in this case, the minority was fighting back.

The Democrats love to drone on about the rights of minorities and pat themselves on the back for their demands for “equity and inclusion.” But in the end, they are transparent frauds.

The far left “OPB” was right. The Democrats, in their zeal for retribution, screwed up. They now have zero leverage. The Senate Republicans have demonstrated amazing courage and selflessness and now the Democrats are wetting themselves.

(For more bedwetting, watch the reaction of the Democrat’s bagmen when they found out their shady benefactor, the disgraced Shemia Fagan, had resigned.)

Of the 13 Senators who are Republican or independent, 10 have probably sacrificed their political futures to stand up for you.

As we have said before, we have always been the first to call out Republicans when they have caved, as the House Republicans seem to be doing every day. But we will always give credit where it was due.

Senator Girod has not hit the ten day window because he has been excused for medical reasons.

Senators Anderson and Brock Smith have been attending floor sessions. The Senators who have risked it all for you are listed below. Please express your gratitude for their courage and principles.


A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.
~James Freeman Clarke


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