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Chess And The Long Game

I had never seen such hateful ideology in my life as I saw on Monday

Chess And The Long Game

Editors Note: Oregon Senators staged a walkout of the state Capitol on Wednesday over 2 highly contentious bills. HB 2002 allows minors to get an abortion without notifying parents. HB 2005, among many other details, will increase the age to purchase select types of rifles and other guns to 21. 

The following is from an Oregon citizen that has been following the events in the Capitol.

Chess And The Long Game

by John Woods

Successful Chess masters can see the Chess board in their mind and how it will look and play ten moves ahead. Both my wife and I said after meeting with some Senators in the Capitol building that something was in the works. They kept dropping side comments and funny smiles.

I told Elaine my wife that I thought at least one chamber was going to walkout. I am going to write what I think went on, it started a few weeks ago. We were all confused when the House stopped reading the bills and passed them on quite quickly to the Senate queue. The Senators required that the bills were read in their entirety, this slowed down the bills getting through the process.

The day we were in the Capitol two insignificant bills got read and passed. Some one told me that it took a whole week for four bills to get through the Senate. Meanwhile the queue grew significantly to what I heard was over two hundred bills in the queue. Like any entity that requires a flow of water, data, current etc. any blockage that slows down the flow dramatically affects the functioning of the entity. So having the queue so large precludes any quick passage of all the bills.

I believe this was the move that was planned weeks ago. Have the house pass as many bills as they can load up the queue and overwhelm the system.

When the hate fest the debate over HD2002B became heated, the Democrats were blocking every Republican idea and request. Like sending the bill to the Judiciary for a review of the crime related parts of the bill. The Democrats rejected that outright even though some of them admitted a pregnant ten year old was a crime.

Somebody impregnated that little girl, but the Democrats insisted that the parents would not be notified even though there was a crime committed against the little girl. The Democrats insisted the parents had no right to that information. The often repeated “Reproductive health procedures” never mentioned that it would be killing a baby.

I was appalled that pediatric doctors stood in front of the House and did not defend the parents rights to know what is happening to that child. They were more interested in assuring the states right to usurp the parents rights, and this was at any age without limit, the child could get an abortion without parental consent.

I was horrified and also amazed that I was seeing the same thing the German people under control of the Nazis foisted upon the Jewish communities through out Europe. On the gates off the camps would be the phrase “ARBEIT MACH FREI” (work makes you free), a lie to hide the real purpose of the camps.

I had never seen such hateful ideology in my life as I saw on Monday debating HB 2002B. I am convinced that if the Oregon Democrats had the power they would incarcerate and dispose of anybody who disagrees or stands in their way to achieving power.

The constant lie that they are protecting children gets old very fast, when the Democrats refuse every single request from Republicans no matter how reasonable it was. There was no working together. It was: We are your masters. Obey us and pass our child destroying bill.

I understand why the Republican Senators walked today, it was a strategy to stop the child abortionists and mutilation of children. This wasn’t about political power or green energy. This was about kids and parents and who guides that child. The state or the parent?

The chess game will continue but these Democrats need to take their hands off the kids and their future. If they continue after the children I think they are playing with something very unpredictable and dangerous, the link between the parent and the child.



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  1. One would have thought that he 26th amendment would have settled the issue on gun ownership rights for 18 year olds, seeing as how it was adopted to allow just that in the military draft.

  2. We all suffer what the majority votes for. Stay MSM-reliant for news and information, and consequently ignorant, gullible and manipulable, and Oregon or California or New York or Illinois can happen to any State.

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