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Bonner CommissionMEN Pull Bait and Switch?

This substantiates there is a specific agenda to take the land from the Justice Center

Bait and Switch

Bonner County CommissionMEN Pull Bait and Switch?

by Shari Dovale

Yet ANOTHER special meeting was held this week over the Fairgrounds RV campground in Bonner County in which the BOCC back-pedaled their previous votes.

To bring everyone up to speed on this months-long argument that the 2 CommissionMEN insist on bringing to the public, please read some of the following articles:

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In addition to these articles, there is plenty of County-provided documentation for this article.

There have been multiple votes over the past couple of months concerning the proposed RV campground for the Fair Grounds.

Most of the contention is over allowing the volunteers at the Fair Board to do their jobs and get this project under way.

New Commissioner, Luke Omodt, has dug in his heels and is determined to give $25,000 to Sewell engineering to determine a boundary line for land that is not designated for the fair grounds. The land in question has been set aside for the future Justice Center. However, until the Justice Center is built, the land is allowed to be used as overflow parking for the fair.

Chairman Bradshaw has been going along with Omodt. His voting and combative comments seem to be directed towards the only female commissioner on the board, Asia Williams. The sheer animosity that comes from these 2 men towards Commissioner Williams is constant and sometimes unhinged.

It has affected the county in many ways, and is now costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars.

On March 21st, there was a vote to disengage from Sewell engineering. This upset Luke Omodt greatly, and he seems determined to ensure the engineering firm will receive $25,000 from the county.

The next business meeting was on April 4th, and the BOCC voted to allow the Fair Board to do their jobs and get this project back onto their designated land.

Both of these votes were 2-1 votes with Commissioner Omodt voting against the motions.

On April 27th, another special meeting was held without most of the public being aware of it. Commissioner Omodt requested the meeting be held, as he cannot seem to take “No” for an answer. (We have submitted a request for a recording of the meeting and have not received a response by press time.)

Bait and Switch

As much of government is in the habit of ignoring the public, so goes the Bonner County CommissionMEN. Like Levies that are repeated every few months until they get the vote they want, votes from these 2 men will continue until their agenda gets passed and the public just finally gives up.

Commissioner Williams commented early in the meeting, “This is very disturbing that we’re trying to do this in a special meeting outside of the view of the majority of the public.”

The first item on the agenda was approving an amended MOU. (We are waiting for this records request, as well.)

The biggest concern at this meeting is that Luke Omodt did not invite the County Legal department to attend the meeting, or review the information being presented. Omodt wrote an updated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to an existing MOU from 2014. Omodt is not an attorney and he did not allow the elected County attorney, Louis Marshall, to review the legal document.

What is Omodt trying to hide? His excuse for voting against many issues for months has been that he needs the legal department to review and give him guidance. Yet, he absolutely refuses to allow legal to weigh in on this one?

Additionally, he did not give the Fair Board adequate notice for them to attend. He left a phone message the night before for a single person that works during the day. This is a board of volunteers that work to provide for their families. It is unconscionable to deny them the right to attend a meeting that could vastly affect the performance of their duties.

“How do you move forward with a memorandum of understanding agreement on the board when you’re not using council and when we don’t have the players physically here to represent their interests?” Commissioner Williams asked, without response from the 2 CommissionMEN.

Chairman Bradshaw, as usual, challenged Ms. Williams throughout the meeting. “I will correct one of the misrepresentations you did. You put it out there like we made a decision,” he said. “But we made a decision that putting it somewhere else could be an option. We didn’t say we would. That was a misrepresentation on your part.”

They continued back and forth, with Commissioner Williams suggesting, “We should pause this meeting to grab the decision because the two of us actually voted to place the RV campground for the fairground on existing fairground land. We did make that decision.”

It is very interesting that Chairman Bradshaw then said, “I’m pretty sure that was not the exact language plan.” This sounds a lot like ‘Buyers Remorse’. Did someone challenge him later and tell him to back out of that vote?

Watch the video below and you decide if it was the exact language, or even just an option:

Bradshaw continued his rant towards Commissioner Williams through the meeting. “This is about a piece of dirt. It doesn’t mean we’re going to put anything there. We’re undoing a 2014 MOU is what we’re doing. And we’re dedicating that piece of dirt to the fairgrounds. And you’re trying to make more of it than what it is.”

The MOU that was presented for a vote stated that the Bonner County Fair Board will be given exclusive rights to use the (designated) Bonner County owned real property as a campground.

When it was pointed out that this will not allow anyone to use it as a parking lot currently, even the fairgrounds, Chairman Bradshaw showed his intent to allow anyone, and everyone, to violate the law he was in the process of implementing.

“Well I’m pretty sure any rational brain that has an ability to drive a vehicle will understand that until they start putting equipment there and cutting dirt, you can certainly park there,” Bradshaw stated.

This substantiates that there is a specific agenda that only concerns itself with taking the land from the Justice Center and not doing what is best for the county.

What are these 2 men hiding, and why is this agenda so essential to them? This is a question that gets asked nearly every week, as the citizens in the county are well aware of these shenanigans.

The second item on the agenda was to approve a contract with Sewell Engineering. While presenting the listed item, Omodt (possibly inadvertently) stated that Sewell engineering will be reimbursed $15,000 for work related to this project.

Is this the same $15,000 that Chairman Bradshaw previously claimed was for other work by Sewell? How could this firm have been hired, and completed work on this project, without a legal contract?

So have the taxpayers of Bonner County been played by these 2 CommissionMEN? Have they LIED to us? Did they hire Sewell and associates without a legal contract, then tell us the $15,000 paycheck was for different projects? Why will Sewell be reimbursed this amount for this project if it was for other work, as claimed by Chairman Bradshaw?

These questions suggest a Bait and Switch by the 2 CommissionMEN.

Bait and Switch

The taxpayers need answers!


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  1. All of the actions by Bradshaw and Omodt seem to follow a pattern of someone under threat of harm. They are acting like if they don’t get that property away from the sheriff’s department someone will murder their pet hamster. None of this makes any logical sense. Some serious investigation needs to be done here.

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