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Will The United States remain a Sovereign Nation?

Tell your Senators and Representatives to support H.R.79


Will The United States remain a Sovereign Nation?

A recent interview with Michele Bachmann by Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries: reveals that our national sovereignty is in jeopardy. Representatives of the Biden administration will attend the World Health Organization meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Proceedings will begin on 05/22/23. Perhaps even Joe will be seen stumbling down the steps of Airforce One. Members will decide if all nations of Earth yield their sovereignty over national healthcare decisions of the World Health Organization.

The Biden administration continues packing the water for the globalist and will propose thirteen amendments to the WHO that can gravely impact our future. As usual, they portray them to be (For Our safety).

The Devil is in the details. The Biden administration is going all in to expedite our transformation into; ( One World Government). Fortunately, the proposed amendments can only pass by consent. Last year the country of Botswana was able to stifle the effort. Let’s pray Botswana and other countries will stand opposed this year. If the arm-twisting Biden administration gets its way, this will culminate with Director General DR, Tedrose of the WHO commanding operations for next: plan demic.

The ramifications of giving authority to the WHO can ultimately lead to a dictatorship. The Director General of WHO may mandate vaccines and boosters. They could restrict your travel or demand you shelter in place and close your church. They could require everyone to get a QR code on their phone and track and trace every move we make. It’s possible that the (Social Credit System) commonly referred to as social credit scoring, developed by the government of China, comes into play.

The top three financial contributors to the WHO are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United States of America, and The Peoples’ Republic of China.

The Bush Administration joined the WHO in the year of 2005. On July 6, 2022, President Trump formally moved to withdraw from the World Health Organization. President Trump: convinced China is controlling the WHO, decided to spend our money elsewhere. Before the one-year waiting period was over, the WOKE Biden administration renewed our membership.

Does China have a stranglehold on the USA? Is the USA no longer the; Superpower of the World? Is Bill Gates, Charles Schwab, George Sores, and others at the steering wheel? Is our leadership giving us over to adoption? Do they believe the United Nations will give us more love? Are we entering the twilight zone? Will Old Glory be replaced with the flag of the United Nations?

There is always hope. Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona introduced legislation on 1/09/23 that would withdraw our membership in the WHO. (

Spread this information far and wide. If you have connections in other countries, ask them to contact their officials. In the USA, call the capital switchboard # 202/224/3121. They will put you in touch with your Senators and representatives. Tell them to support H.R.79.

Bob Bozarth
Chehalis WA.

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  1. The USA is a province of the CCP. Also,
    while I was driving on I 90 west from Idaho,
    I noticed there is no sign welcoming drivers
    to Washington and during my return, there
    is no sign stating you are entering Idaho. Could
    it be our Marxist masters are eliminating state lines?

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