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“This Is A Day We Won’t Soon Forget”

people are getting NO response from leadership

This Is A Day We Won’t Soon Forget

“This Is A Day We Won’t Soon Forget”

by Oregon Firearms Federation

Those bold words closed a press release signed by Republican leaders Tim Knopp and Vikki Breese Iverson.

That was yesterday. Today… they forgot.

While there was no Senate Floor session, the Oregon House, with the assistance of House Republicans, raced through over 30 bills. 

The House Republicans did not require that the bills be read in their entirety, a tool they have to grind the dangerous business of the Democrats to a crawl.

It’s Friday. At least one Republican complained that they “want to go home.”

We think that’s a great idea. As long as they don’t come back.

For whatever reason, the Oregon House Republicans are assisting the Democrats in moving their agenda along.

Any delay in the gun bill votes won’t mean anything if the Democrats are able to pass the rest of their agenda and then force a vote on the gun bills later.

The Democrats are not stupid.  They can look at a calendar and they know when they will need to get their bills to the floor in time to eviscerate gun rights in Oregon.

“Democrats insist they are not concerned about running out of time to pass their priorities before a mandatory June 25 adjournment.”

“In the House, Rayfield on Wednesday agreed to delay a vote on House Bill 2005, a bill to outlaw so-called ghost guns, increase the age to possess many guns to 21, and potentially increase the number of public places where concealed handguns are prohibited. In exchange for postponing a vote on the bill to early May, Republicans agreed to ease up on delay maneuvers that some in the party had touted earlier in the day.”

“These are delay tactics,” said Lieber, a Portland Democrat, “and it’s not going to interfere with the Democratic agenda.”

Now is not the time to relax. Most people have told us they are getting NO response from leadership to their requests that they do their job. It doesn’t matter. They don’t have to return your calls or emails. They just have to get them.

Remember, they have many ways to filter and ignore emails.  But even if your calls go to a voice mail, someone has to listen to at least part of them before they can file them away.  So don’t stop calling and reminding Tim Knopp and Vikki Breese Iverson that long after they have forgotten, you will remember.

Senator Tim Knopp


Representative Vikki Breese Iverson