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Preparing for the Coming Violence

This violence may begin as early as Memorial Day weekend

Preparing for the Coming Violence

Preparing for the Coming Violence

The destruction of America’s founding principles, traditional culture, and system of government is not merely a “falling away” of where we once were, it is the intentional outcome of the 100+ year communist Movement and 60+ year Islamic Movement operating seamlessly at the ground level across the United States.

This article comes from a lengthy report prepared by Understanding the Threat (UTT) which will be publicly available on our website on April 26, 2023.

by John D. Guandolo

The Coming Violence

Understanding the Threat’s assessment of current events is this: The communist and Islamic Movements inside the United States are preparing for significant violence in the immediate future.  The groups and leaders involved are making preparations and calling for targeted violence against Christian Patriots while government officials give the green light for violent action.

Like the violence in Minnesota following the death of George Floyd in the spring of 2020, which was predicted and briefed, violence will again be launched in the immediate future by the primary enemies of liberty in the United States – the communist Movement, the Islamic Movement, their collaborators, and their Financiers.

The lead elements will likely be activated under the auspices of the transgender agenda, but will have the full force of the entire communist-jihadi cabal behind it.

This violence may begin as early as the Memorial Day weekend timeframe.

During the last wave of significant violence across the United States (spring 2020), the enemies’ ground soldiers focused on destroying property in numerous communities.  When that violence kicked off, pallets of water, milk, and bricks were prepositioned in nearly 2 dozen cities within approximatley 72 hours.

UTT assesses that during this next wave of violence, the enemies’ focus will be on targeted assassinations and larger scale killings. Our adversaries may also move to bring the entire Republic down if it feels it can achieve that goal and the right moment of opportunity presents itself.

Previously, they targeted property. Now they are targeting people.

Targets will likely include Christian Patriots, especially leaders of Patriot causes in communities.


The communist and Islamic Movements operate primarily in the non-violent realm, but use violence to advance their strategic efforts.

To understand how these Movements operate, American citizens should see enemy actions through the lens of the Political Warfare model of warfighting.  In doing so, one will be able to clearly see what the enemy is doing, and how to predict enemy future actions.

Their objective is simple – Control of the State and Power.  All lines of efforts support this end.

It should be remembered these hostile Movements would not be able to achieve their objectives inside the United States without the direct support of republican leadership.  The republicans are the non-barking dog, which is the most important part of a thief’s plan.

Purpose of This Report

The purpose of this report is to: (1) Give readers foundational information on the current situation; (2) Detail some of the key indicators of the impending attacks; (3) Teach citizens and law enforcement how to identify those who are and will be behind this violence; and (4) recommend a few courses of action.

Foundation for This Assessment

  1. The communist Movement in the United States has been present and active since 1918, and now has thousands of organizations operating domestically, some of which communicate directly with hostile foreign communist powers such as China, Cuba, Venezuela, and others.
  2. The Islamic Movement in the United States has been present since the early 1960’s, and was primarily established by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Per evidence in the largest terrorism trials in U.S. history, all of the prominent Islamic organizations in the United States today are a part of an identifiable hostile and coordinated effort whose objectives are the same as Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hizbollah, Hamas, and hundreds of other terrorist organizations – the establishment of an Islamic State under Islamic Law (sharia).
  3. Both of these Movements have published doctrine, strategic plans, lines of operation to support the strategy, thousands of organizations across America, significant deception and counter-intelligence operations developed inside the United States, are well funded, and coordinate extremely well among their own entities and with each other.
  4. Penetration of the U.S. System: Communists and jihadis served and continue to serve in senior positions of authority and influence inside the federal government, revealing either an inability to properly conduct vetting or a witting and criminal/treasonous intent.  Examples include:  Former FBI Director James Comey who self-identified as a communist; Current Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland who is a communist; Al Qaeda Financier Abdurahman Alamoudi who served as President Clinton’s advisor for 8 years; Mohmed Magid who was recently appointed by President Biden to serve as a Commissioner on the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom who is a senior Muslim Brotherhood/Jihadi leader.
  5. Additionally: (1) 23 former U.S. Senators and Representatives currently work for a lobbying firm representing communist Chinese intelligence and military organizations; (2) Over 65 Members of the House of Representatives are communists or work closely with and support domestic and foreign communist organizations and leaders; and (3) The current FBI Director, Christopher Wray spoke at the recent World Economic Forum conference held in Davos, Switzerland.
  6. The number of individuals illegally entering the United States has been higher than at any other time in U.S. history. The numbers of terrorists and other nefarious individuals is also extremely high, including individuals on the Terror Watch List. These people constitute a growing body able to support an enemy army inside U.S. borders.
  7. Numerous reports and testimonies from the FBI, DEA, and other federal agencies and leaders reveal significant Al Qaeda, Islamic State, and Hizbollah cells inside the United States.
  8. The primary means by which this enemy cabal – communist Movement, Islamic Movement, collaborators, and financiers – advances most rapidly and insinuates itself into local communities is through INTERFAITH OUTREACH efforts. The U.S. Interfaith Outreach programs are controlled by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood – primarily ISNA, IIIT, and Hamas doing business as CAIR. Interfaith Outreach was initiated by the U.S. communist Movement front organization Industrial Areas Foundation, created by Saul Alinsky who authored Rules for Radicals.
  9. In over 18 years of training federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, the universal response when presented with factual information about these threats is: (1) Federal agents as well as state and local police state they were unaware of the significant communist and jihadi/Islamic networks across the United States and how these networks support violent operations; and (2) they believe understanding these networks and how they operate is “critical” to protecting local communities.
  10. President Biden and U.S. Attorney General Garland have identified Constitutionally-minded Patriots as the greatest threat to the Republic.  Specifically, Mr. Biden stated “White Supremacists” – whom he linked to the MAGA movement – are a “Lethal Threat” which allows him to bring the full authority of the federal government to bear on them.  Mr. Biden then stated the “MAGA crowd” is the greatest political threat to America in its history.  See the video here.
  11. The FBI’s list of Intelligence Indicators for “Militant Violent Extremism” include quotes from Thomas Jefferson, quotes from the Bill of Rights, flying the Betsy Ross flag, flying the Gadsen Flag, flying the Gonzales Battle flag, and similar such actions. See video of Senator Ted Cruz questioning FBI Director Wray about these matters here.
  12. The FBI Richmond Field Office targeted faithful Catholic Christians as a matter of investigative priority, and the FBI inserted Undercover agents/assets inside Catholic Churches where no reasonable suspicion or probable cause exists. The FBI did so based on their belief “white supremacy finds a home” where Catholics practice traditional Latin Mass.
  13. DHS and FBI actively pursue Christian Patriots while significant identifiable networks of violent Chinese communists (eg BLM) and terrorists (MB Network, Hizbollah network, et al) remain intact.
  14. Governors, State Attorneys General, mayors and others acting under their official capacities within the authority of the state, openly support leaders and organizations seeking to violently overthrow the United States, materially support terrorism, and replace the Constitutional Republic with totalitarian communist regime or a Caliphate under barbaric sharia. Example: Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is a jihadi who openly raises money for the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) Hamas doing business as CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). Ellison publicly promotes the communist and violent Antifa and their efforts on the ground, even in his home state.
  15. Many national Christian and Patriot organizations have been penetrated by jihadis and communists and now act as controlled opposition.
  16. UTT assesses the United States has no functioning counter-intelligence (CI) capability, rendering it significantly exposed to the intense CI operations set against it by numerous hostile nations, and these active Movements.
  17. Currently, there are no active national investigative efforts or otherwise to thwart the communist and Islamic Movements’ strategic and operational plans.
  18. The adversaries know there is a growing understanding among the American Patriot community of who they are and what they are up to, so there is a level of “its now or never” mentality on their side, especially among the communists.

Key Attack Indicators

Many of the same indicator seen before the violence in Minnesota began – Spring 2020 – are being seen today in real time. The groups and leaders involved are making preparations and calling for violence while government leaders give them the green light for violent action.

  1. Despite the fact many of the recent school shootings and mass killings have been done by left-wing/communist individuals, including those who identify as homosexual or transgender, the response by the government has been to target Christian Patriots who, according to the government, “may” respond to these acts by targeting trans-people despite the fact no evidence exists to support such a claim.
  2. Some state authorities have put into policy and/or law the forcible sterilization and physical mutilation of minor children without consent of parents and in direct contradiction of the parents will.  Parents who intercede to protect their children may be arrested by the government.
  3. President Joe Biden declared March 31, 2023 “National Transgender Day.”
  4. Trans groups called for “Trans Vengeance” to begin on April 1st, and are calling for the killing of Christians. (See Photos 1-3 below)
  5. Communist groups across the U.S. stand in solidarity with the Trans movement, which are calling for violence, specifically the killing of Christians. (See Photos 4-5 below)
  6. The Adalah Justice Project, a pro-jihadi group being significantly funded by the Tides Foundation, is promoting the Trans Justice Funding Project.
  7. In key hubs for the communist-Islamic Movements, like Minneapolis, communist groups like the Socialist Rifle Association (MN SRA) advocate violence. (See photo 6)
  8. Fortune 500 companies are supporting this Trans campaign in spite of the violence being advocated.
  9. Traditional U.S. media actively supports these hostile operations and propels narratives to ad advance these efforts.
  10. Preliminary operations in Tennessee and Chicago have begun with violence. These may be unrelated to coming violence, but UTT assesses the violence on the streets of Chicago and in the Tennessee legislature may be indicators the center of the coming violence may be Tennessee or Chicago.
  11. Green-lighting Violence: Chicago’s Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson condoned the recent violence in Chicago. In an interview, Johnson stated, “What I’m saying is you can’t condone the looting that corporations continue to do every single day when they take tax dollars from Black, Brown, White folks all over the city of Chicago so that they can turn a profit.” Illinois State Senator Robert Peters called the riots “A mass protest against poverty and segregation.” Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot stated, “The vast majority of young people came downtown because it was great weather and an opportunity to enjoy the city…there are few that came with different intentions and they have it out and they will be dealt with, but I’m not going to use your language, which I think is wrong, to say it was mayhem.” This language is very similar to the language spoken which green-lighted violence in 2020.
  12. Green-lighting Violence: Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor publicly signaled permission from the authority of her office to the communist/trans Movement to kill when she wore a shirt which read “Protect Trans Kids” with a huge knife across the chest, and then put that photo out on social media.  (See photo 7)
  13. Green-lighting Violence: On April 14, 2023, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the NAN (National Action Network) conference.  In her speech, Harris belittled and attacked police, identified citizens who support Constitutional liberties as “extremists,” supported the recent violence in the Tennessee Capital building, and incorrectly identified the American form of government as a “democracy.”  In other words, “If you commit violence, we are with you.”
  14. The Islamic Movement is intensifying its Interfaith operations in order to subdue as much of the Christian population, and is having significant success.  They have one of their senior operatives, Mohamed Magid at a senior position inside the Commission for International Religious Freedom, and many other Hamas terrorists in suits sit in positions of influence in the White House, Congress, and other key components of the government.
  15. The U.S. Islamic Movement, led primarily by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, has been physically fortifying mosques and the buildings of major Islamic organization with the direct help of DHS, FEMA, U.S. tax payer dollars, and the significant amount of money muslims are raising organically to reinforce ground floor walls, put in protective windows, and the like.
  16. Mosques and other Islamic organizations are also arming their people, conducting firearms training, and posting heavily armed jihadis inside mosques on a regular basis. In some cases, local police are assisting them with security operations.



Researching & Uncovering Hostile Organizations in Your Community

In order to pre-empt and disrupt these hostile networks, or so citizens and local officials will know where to focus their efforts after violence ensues, Understanding the Threat presents here a significantly reduced “Research” training.

In UTT’s 2-day INTO ACTION Training, Understanding the Threat (UTT) teaches students how to locate and research hostile organizations and individuals in their local community. This training is usually several hours long.

Prior to conducting research with a computer used regularly, UTT strongly encourages readers to install a good anti-virus software and a VPN, which masks the IP address of your computer. Strong VPN and Nord VPN are 2 reliable options.

Jihadi Organizations

The most active jihadi organizations in U.S. communities include: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and its subsidiaries – e.g. “Islamic Society of ….”; North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) which acts as the “bank” for the Muslim Brotherhood and owns many properties across the United States; Muslim Students Association (MSA) which is a hub for jihadi recruitment and propaganda has chapters on nearly every major college and university campus in the United States, as well as some chapters in high schools and junior high schools; Muslim American Society (MAS), Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR); Islamic Associations, e.g. Islamic Association of Raleigh (NC); Islamic relief organizations such as Islamic Relief USA, ICNA Relief, Helping Hand, and others; Mosques/Masjids/Islamic Centers affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbollah/Iran, or the Dar ul Uloom Movement; Islamic trade organizations including Muslim Brotherhood orgs such as Islamic Medical Association of North America, Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers, Association of Muslim Social Scientists; and others.

  1. Begin by mapping out local jihadi organizations using, which is a non-profit organization which collects IRS forms 990 and catalogues them on their site. Use search terms such as “Islam, Islamic, Muslim, Mosque, Masjid, Islamic Center, Sharia, Jihad, Mohammad (various spellings), and other similar terms. You can search Guidestar by state and city.
  2. Next, use and put the name of your city or the closest city in the search bar. Extend the search out to at least 20 miles. Results will be both listed and mapped out.
  3. Review websites of the abovementioned hostile organizations above to see if they have offices in your area. Use a search engine and search the name of the organization and your town to see if they are doing business in your area.
  4. Map out MSA’s on local colleges, universities, and high schools in your area.
  5. Check online county property records for any property owned by NAIT (North American Islamic Trust). UTT recommends using “North American” as the search term.
  6. Research Interfaith Outreach efforts in your community and identify the organizations and individuals leading them, and those supporting them.
  7. Research any activity by the Sunrise Movement in your area.
  8. Research jihadi attacks or reported attacks which were thwarted in your area.
  9. Investigate BLM, Antifa, and DSA chapters in your area. Find the name of the local leaders. In some cases, jihadis will be chapter leaders for these communist groups. That is important information to know.

Communist Organizations

The difference between the Islamic jihadi organizations and the communist organizations is the Islamic organizations want to be found. Some of the communist organizations are not as well catalogued, and this is why knowing the names of the key communist organizations is critical.

Here is what UTT recommends:

  1. Review the list of non-Islamic organizations working in the Interfaith Outreach movement in your area and you will find communists.
  2. Review the list of non-Islamic organizations working with the Sunrise Movement in your area.
  3. Research chapters for Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), BLM, Antifa, The Green Party, ActBlue, La Raza, Liberation Front, RevCom (Revolutionary Communist Party), and any groups which oppose enforcing immigration laws, all of which are likely communist or tied to the U.S. communist Movement.
  4. Research labor unions in your area and their support for anti-liberty and anti-American efforts in your area.
  5. Research organizations funded by George Soros which may be operating in your area. A partial but extensive list of organizations can be found here.

Once this research is complete, get together with like-minded Patriots, local officials willing to help, and others wanting to defend your community, and come up with a plan to address as much of the dangers as quickly as they can be handled. Begin with elements of the communist Movement and go for low hanging fruit first. The purpose is to disrupt what the adversaries are doing on the way to flushing them out of the community.

Recommended Courses of Action

  1. Patriots should identify hostile organizations in their community and use all Constitutional means to flush them out, and/or render them ineffective. [Note: You are limited only by your training, experience, and creativity here]
  2. Communities should form security plans for neighborhoods, schools, and critical infrastructure, such as power and water treatment plants and the like, and prepare for the long term loss of access to power, water, food, and fuel.
  3. UTT recommends citizens utilize the recommendations found in Insurrection & Violence: A Citizen’s Guide as a primary resource for preparations. Click here for an electronic copy at the Unconstrained Analytics website.
  4. Patriot leaders should consider increased individual security measures for themselves and their families.
  5. Individuals should prepare themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually for the potential rough waters ahead. Attitude is everything and real faith gives great hope, joy, and strength.



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