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Is Digital Identity Coming?

Digital ID is another stage of destroying all freedom and right to privacy.


Is Digital Identity Coming?

by Karen Schumacher

It seems regardless of how much opposition exists to the federal government agenda, it still just marches on.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) introduced S.884 – Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023, in March of this year, “To establish a Government-wide approach to improving digital identity.”  Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wy) is her partner in crime.

This is another beginning stage of destroying all freedom and right to privacy, in spite of this act’s reasoning that “solutions are needed that improve security, privacy, equity, and accessibility.”  Now that Idaho has pushed access to the internet for everyone, the stage will be ready for a digital identity to be forced on everyone when interacting with the government.  Since this bill involves a corporatist public-private partnership implementation, corporations will eventually have the ability to force everyone to use a digital identity for services. 

This is identified in the bill itself, “digital identity verification” means a process to verify the identity or an identity attribute of an individual accessing a service online or through another electronic means” and will be interoperable between systems.  That means your data will be shared, in this case, between government agencies.

In order to create a digital identity verification system, “digital versions” of driver’s licenses, in which states are encouraged to play a role, social security records, and birth certificates will be created.   Yeah, they plan to build a digital file on everyone.  It will be the realized dream of the World Economic Forum and has already received praise from the Global Government Forum in which the U.S. participates.

Multiple federal agencies will be involved and will have the ability to track anyone with a digital identity.  Left out of this list is the Department of Defense and Homeland Security but with both of these, plus others like the FBI likely being added later on, it will all be under the guise for our safety and security.

(A) The Secretary.
(B) The Secretary of the Treasury.
(C) The Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
(D) The Director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.
(E) The Commissioner of Social Security.
(F) The Secretary of State.
(G) The Administrator of General Services.
(H) The Director of the Office of Management and Budget.
(I) The Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service.
(J) The National Cyber Director.
(K) The Attorney General.
(L) The heads of other Federal agencies or offices as the President may designate or invite, as appropriate.

Later in the Act, the Department of Education is listed as a consultant to the task force, so this does include children.  Other federal agencies as outlined in (L) above will also be consultants so just figure it is the all-encompassing federal government.

Once that digital identity is in place, access to government benefits can be cut off without one, such as social security benefits and Medicare.  Everyone will be forced into identifying themselves and what they are doing.  Non-compliance with those jabs will be tracked by health records and receiving that social security check just might be cut off until compliance is achieved. 

Is this what Idahoans want?  What can the state legislature do to protect Idahoans from this?