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Defying Nature, God And Reality

Unless God intervenes, the insane policies of the Democrats will continue to grow


Defying Nature, God And Reality
(By The Democrats)

By Pete Ketcham

At one time the term “mass insanity” seemed an extreme description of any group of people, but what is taking place in our nation today, it now seems an appropriate term with which to describe the godless liberal left Democrats.

There are many policies and procedures by the Democrat community that make no sense what so ever, lack even a glimmer of logic, and are bordering on the edge of insanity.

The following four policies are some of the worst examples, but there are many more:

    This is based on an unproven belief that the world’s atmosphere is going to collapse if the US power plants, industry, and automobiles/trucks continue to use fossil fuel. The solution to this dilemma according to the Democrats is to phase out coal and gas fired electric power plants that provide continuous power, and replace them with windmills and solar farms that provide intermittent power (dependent on the sun shining and the wind blowing). They illogical intend to load up the electric grid with EV charging stations nation-wide, creating more electrical power demand, and at the same time reduce electrical power production by closing power plants. This agenda completely defies reality.
    A nation is dependent on secure borders in order to retain it’s national sovereignty. But what the Democrats are allowing to happen on our southern border defies any logic, as they feel these illegal immigrants will become a Democrat voting block. There is absolutely no positive result to let millions of foreign people sweep through our nation burdening our public agencies, taking jobs, and contributing to the crime problem. This open border is also facilitating drugs to sweep through our nation, creating a homeless drug addicted population of over one half million, and Fentanyl deaths in the thousands, which are increasing ever year. Destroying the nation’s sovereignty and killing thousands of people in order to achieve a political goal demonstrates the complete insanity of the of the Democrat Party’s evil political agenda.
  3. LGBT+
    The LGBT+ community is composed of a group of people who believe there are multiple sexes, not just the two, female and male. They also believe men can be women, and women can be men, and thus end up sexually mutilating themselves and young children. This belief and practice completely defies nature, God’s creation, and christian moral concepts. This degenerate LGBT+ agenda is being taught in the nation’s schools, and being promoted in every area of our nation by the Democrat Party. This issue alone has the potential to destroy the christian moral base of the nation, and in fact is well on it’s way to doing just that.
    It is astounding to see how hard the Democrats fight to be able to kill millions of unborn babies in order to facilitate a parent-free lifestyle. Legal unrestricted abortion brings this nation back to the horrific mass killing of the Jews by the Nazis in WW2. The Jews in Germany had been declared unworthy of life and thus were slaughtered by the millions, and in like kind, the unborn babies in America have been declared unworthy of life, and are also being slaughtered by the millions. This practice by the Democrats completely defies God’s gift of life.


Even though the God-fearing citizens of the nation are fighting the good fight to end the the destruction of the nation, they are losing. Unless God intervenes, all the above described evil insane policies of the Democrats will continue to grow to a point of total national collapse. In essence we are in a spiritual battle with satan for the heart & soul of the nation, and only with the help of God can the God-fearing win this battle.