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Brad Little Wants to Veto HB71

Gender surgeries are not medically necessary, nor are they health care


Brad Little Wants to Veto HB71

by Shari Dovale

Idaho’s Governor, Brad Little, is registered as a Republican but shows repeatedly that he does not approve of a representative government. Little is a Liberal Democrat and he is showing those true colors again.

Recently, Little vetoed House Bill 292 which was a property tax relief bill because he wants as many election dates as possible for school districts to hammer home their desire for levies. Taxpayers are not allowed to say “No” apparently.

The legislature did their duty by overriding the veto and passing HB292 into law.

Now, Brad Little is huffing and puffing with the Democrats again and saying he may veto HB71 and continue allowing children to be put in harms way with unnecessary and dangerous procedures.

HB71 is also known as the Vulnerable Child Protection Act. This bill will protect our youth and keep them from untested and dangerous medical procedures.

The left wants you to think it is about ‘Health Care’. Gender surgeries are not medically necessary, nor are they health care. The health care will come after they mutilate these children.

The Left also wants you to agree that children are not old enough to drink, smoke or vote at these young ages. Yet they want these babies to have the option to castrate themselves, or more. Most of these children do not know what these terms even mean.

If a child wants to pretend to be a puppy, should they get medically transformed as well?

The Liberal mentality will have you believe that pedophilia is simply another sexual orientation. The want you to believe the family unit is passe. And they want you to deny God. That is what all of this comes down to. And Brad Little would seem to agree with those Satanic thoughts.

The Idaho House and the Idaho Senate both passed HB71. It has been placed on the Governor’s desk for his signature.

The people instructed the representatives to vote in favor of the bill. Both chambers complied. This is how a representative government works. Yet, Brad Little decided that he wants the people to give him a reason to veto this bill. He does not want to sign it because his Liberal mentality is offended.

The legislature did their job! Brad Little needs to do his job!

Do not let the Liberal Agenda go through. We must stop the mutilation of our children. Call Gov Little’s office 208-334-2100 to support HB71.