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Are The Conservatives Delusional?

Numerous entities involved in the ongoing destruction of our nation, with one standing out from all the others, Academia.


Are The Conservatives Delusional?

(In Their Hope For The Nation)

By Pete Ketcham

There are several definitions of the term delusional, but two are; “having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions”, and refusing to, or unable to see reality.

In previous articles the liberal ungodly community and Democrat party have been labeled delusional concerning their illogical beliefs and policies, but this term could also be applied to the conservative God-fearing community and Republican party.

Even though there are good conservative politicians and individuals fighting hard for the nation’s future, and deserve our appreciation, it sadly does not change the unrecognized reality that we are losing the fight, and losing big.

One salient fact of reality that many conservatives and the Republican party refuse to see, is that their margin of loss is actually increasing on a daily basis in the fight for the heart & soul of the nation. For some reason they believe that if they continue with the same (losing) strategy and tactics they have been using for the last thirty years, they will some how eventually win the fight. That outlook is delusional, there must be a change of strategy and tactics if they are ever to win.

Also, many conservatives believe that if Donald Trump, Ron Desantis, or some other conservative Republican could win the 2024 presidency, everything can be permanently turned around. It would seem they have forgot that it took less than a week for Biden to dismantle everything good that took Trump four years to accomplish. The solution to our nation’s demise is far greater and deeper than any political election. It requires a complete national return to the original christian moral base (which at this time appears impossible) that had guided our nation for almost 240 years,


And lastly as an example of delusion, I use the issue of the numerous entities involved in the ongoing destruction of our nation, with one standing out from all the others in it’s ability to cause permanent damage. That entity is the national university education system aka Academia. Trump and the Republican party believe they can change the course of the nation without eliminating this “indoctrination” system. They are delusional in regard to this issue, as academia will continue to “churn” out illogical degenerate politicians, lawyers, professors, judges, doctors, etc who will set the future course of this nation regardless of who is president.


5 Comments on Are The Conservatives Delusional?

  1. “Are conservatives delusional?”

    YES!! They certainly are!! They believe the world is only 7000 years old. That’s delusional and laughable! They believe that they hold all morality because their cult god says so. Christian conservatives are the most delusional idiots on the planet. They are hypocrites through and through! They cannot be reasoned with because they believe the stupidest crap like the world is 7000 years old and that if you aren’t christian then you can’t be moral. What imbeciles!!

  2. The reason Republicans are losing and losing big is because they
    have united themselves with the Marxist Democrat Party. What is delusional
    is the notion that America has a two-party system, when in fact America has
    a one-party system, the uniparty. The uniparty is pursuing a Marxist globalist
    agenda where the average American is a worthless slave, who is consuming too
    many resources and who must obey the new order.

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