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The Future Of The Nation

Our nation is coming apart from every direction concerning issues such as, criminal justice, economy, political deceit, social/moral degeneration, woke education


The Future Of The Nation

 By Pete Ketcham

As you look at what is happening in our nation today, it becomes evident that our nation is coming apart from every direction concerning issues such as, criminal justice, economy, political deceit, social/moral degeneration, woke education, etc etc. There is no social, moral, or political arena that is not being impacted and corrupted by the agenda of the godless liberals. Even though the God-fearing conservatives are fighting hard (using legal constitutional means), they are losing and losing badly.

It would be far more gratifying to write about battles being won by the God-fearing community with a total victory in sight, but the harsh reality prevails, there is no victory in sight.

History has recorded the rise of great nations/empires, and also the fall of these nations/empires by corruption. It would now appear that the greatest nation in history, the United States Of America, is being destroyed by a cancer of corruption that has metastasized, and spread throughout the whole body of this nation.

Can this cancer be cured, or is it fatal? It would seem this nation has passed the point of no return, and is destined to continue on it’s present course to destruction unless there is a miraculous intervention by God, but no one really knows what God will do as this nation rapidly approaches total chaos.


The main reason (there are others) all this chaos is happening so fast, is that our constitutional form of government was never designed to withstand the corruption and dishonesty of the present Democrat leadership. This fact was pointed out many years ago by founding father John Adams as he stated in 1798 “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people, it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”. It should be noted that when Adams mentions “religious people”, this is a reference to the national belief in Christianity, which has now been rejected by the godless Democrat party and it’s liberal supporters.

And lastly, as one observes the recent CPAC convention and listens to Donald Trump’s proposed agenda (if he is elected president), one could be lead to believe that he and the Republican party are “our political salvation”. But the reality is, that over the last fifteen years the Republican party has demonstrated it is completely incapable of stopping the impending moral and political crash of the nation.

If the existing conservative entities could unite into some type of a major nation-wide coalition that would exceed the ability and influence of the current Republican party, (this coalition would not be in opposition to the Republican party, but would assist it) perhaps this impending national disaster could be avoided. But from all present indications, there is little chance of that happening, as most of the existing conservative organizations prefer to remain autonomous.