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Republicans Capitulate to PC… Again.

I’m sure I will get phone calls and threats over this article, but I grew up in a time of sticks and stones.

Republicans Capitulate to PC… Again.

By: Chris Brumbles

Before I really get started on this article, I want to explain a couple of things. I am a Liberty guy, and I will not now nor ever compromise my beliefs. I am not and never will be politically correct as I know that only amounts to empowering the Marxists who are destroying our country and way of life, and it is intended to brainwash little kids and shut down any opposition to leftist groupthink.

Freedom of speech is our birthright and without it we wouldn’t ever have had a country and would be watching our children drag their chains behind them as they walk each morning to the government sponsored re-education camps. Freedom of speech protects unpopular speech; popular speech DOES NOT NEED PROTECTION, and the left knows this, but they don’t like facts, so they use emotion to attack you and push their agenda.

Of course, they operate on a what’s good for me is not good for thee campaign as you will see, and it is working. The left doesn’t even need to be around for their PC and identity politics to work anymore, it seems the Republicans are so pusillanimous that they continue their own destruction with the leftists tactics even when the left is not around.

There is a fairly new group in Oregon called ONRI (Oregon Natural Resource Industries) formerly known as Timber Unity that decided to put on a rally at the capitol in Salem Oregon on Monday March 27th, 2023. This rally was intended to fire people up and bring unity I suppose. Part of this rally was supposed to bring out Republican legislators to speak to their constituents. Evidently there was a Confederate Battle Flag at the rally and the legislators chose to tuck their tails between their legs and find a nice desk to hide under as they refused to come out.

To make matters even worse in my opinion, the lady with the flag was asked to leave and then ONRI went on fools’ book and chastised this person bringing even more publicity to the issue and showing their willingness to capitulate at the first sign of self-imposed adversity. Some people in this movement actually believe that they can negotiate or be nice to the left to get results, but this is a Fallacy. The only thing the left understands is the sound of the zipper closing when you are putting them in a political body bag.

You can not be nice to the left and expect to win any favors or slow down their agenda as their goal is total annihilation and destruction of our country regardless of cost to the people and by any means necessary. THEY ARE THE EPITOME OF EVIL and to think you can be nice, bend a knee to them and get your way, or attempt to out Marxist a democrat is pure fantasy. History always repeats.

The flag in question is being called a Confederate Flag, but was actually a Confederate Battle Flag…there is a difference. The CBF means different things to different people, but that is not the point, to me this is a free speech issue, and to me the flag stands for Freedom. I do not like Nazi flags even though I know that the swastika was actually a religious symbol for thousands of years and is still on religious buildings all over the world.

I can’t stand BLM flags because of their Marxist leadership and critical theory campaigns, or Communist flags carried by Antifa, but I will defend their right to be ignorant and carry them. I have watched as Antifa burned the US flag as the left came out, sat Indian style, and sang kumbaya, where was Republican outrage then? Do they consider a Confederate Battle Flag more contentious than a Communist flag under which hundreds of millions were slaughtered, or the burning of American Flags in our streets?

Funny thing is, the Marxist party celebrates communism all of the time and claim it just hasn’t been done right yet, or “It looks good on paper” but history is written on paper and 200m murders doesn’t look good on paper or in person. No one would disagree that Hitlers Democrat Socialist Workers Party was evil, but more and more Demon-crats are calling themselves Democrat Socialists and now have droves of kids worshipping this dangerous ideology. Why? BC PC and indoctrination.

The US flag and the Confederate Flag were too much alike and the Battle Flag was introduced to keep both sides from killing their own men, the battle flag was not the official Confederate Flag. The War Between the States was not about ending slavery.

As bad as it was, slavery was already legal and Ohio Senator Thomas Corwin had already pushed the Corwin Amendment through congress in 1861 to prevent congress from interfering with slavery in any state. This Amendment, that would have become the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, was approved by congress and several Northern States had already ratified it. The Corwin Amendment would have become the Law of the Land, but the South succeeded from the Union before ratifying it. It did not matter because the war was about States Rights and Economics, not slavery.

When asked why not let the South go, Lincoln replied, “Let the South go,…Let the South go, Then where would we get our revenue, there would be grass growing in the streets of New York”. Lincoln was interested in keeping the South to continue plundering them and to keep the Union together. He admitted that he wanted to keep the Union together no matter what, and didn’t really matter to him if it was a union of slavery or if slavery was abolished. Lincoln was an admitted White Supremacist who wanted to export the slaves to a different country as to not interfere with white employment.

I’m sure I will get phone calls and death threats over this article, but I grew up in a time of sticks and stones and I fear no one. Truth matters and Liberty means everything. The fact is that we must kill this virus of political correctness before it kills us. Facts don’t care about feelings and neither do I if it means I have to throw away my integrity and bury the truth. People need to quit bowing to the emotional left and submitting to their groupthink which is dangerous and ever changing. This is a war between Good and evil, and you can’t win a war by submitting or unconditional surrender. Republicans need to grow a spine

I will be on the Rob Taylor Report at KWRO in Coos Bay OR on Monday, April 3rd at 3 P.M. Pacific where we will be going more in depth about this issue. I urge you all to join in and listen as it should be spicy. Rob is a long time friend of mine, but we have differing opinions on what happened at the capitol and have agreed to discuss it on the air. We are both of the Celtic heritage, which means we both are passionate, but have agreed to remain friends after the show.

You can Listen Here: Rob Taylor Report


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  1. I appreciate people not compromising on their beliefs. However, It is this lack of compromising between true conservative (non-RINO) candidates that is splitting the vote and getting us more Communism. Don’t like candidate B? Even though he’s the only one who can beat the RINO? Vote for candidate A because we won’t compromise on our beliefs so we end up with a more Communism. This is how we get here. We need to start compromising more between ourselves.

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