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How Does a Commissioner Silence the Public?

There appears to be a pattern of controversial decisions by this new board

How Does a Commissioner Silence the Public?

How Does a Commissioner Silence the Public?

There have been ongoing attempts of the Bonner County Commissioners to silence the public. But how does a commissioner silence another commissioner? By striking her items off of the agenda.

Without hesitation Commissioner Omodt moved to eliminate the agenda items brought forth by Commissioner Williams at the March 14, 2023, meeting. Fortunately, she was able to utilize her report time to address the issues to the dismay of Omodt, who had no intention to discuss the boundary line adjustment forced through last week.

At the advice of legal counsel Bill Wilson, Omodt chose to rescind his amendment and make the agenda whole again. He then took that opportunity to once again puff his chest out, touting his military service, his family, and his years of “public service” to justify his support of the land grab for an RV park. He is sounding more like an emotional Democrat every week.

And how does a commissioner silence another elected official? By questioning his integrity and veracity. That is what Commissioner Bradshaw publicly expressed at the same March 14, 2023, meeting. This was also regarding the boundary line adjustment to construct an RV park, but his target was the Sheriff.

The campground grant and its “previously unforeseen circumstances” i.e., boundary line adjustment is just the latest hot topic and Bonner County citizens remain steadfast in pushing back on the heavy hand of government. Many were puzzled why this decision was being rushed, and wanted to know how the Fair Board views the campground placement. Even the Bonner County Republican Central Committee felt compelled to be heard by submitting a resolution requesting the BOCC to put an advisory question on the May ballot, to determine if the people agree to the boundary line adjustment for the proposed campground.

There appears to be a pattern of controversial decisions by this new board, and the disrespect of those who question them is the only that is transparent. Bradshaw uses no rules to run the meetings and his capricious decisions to allow public comments comes with a parental lecture that you must behave, and his reliance on business as usual perpetuates the distrust. Omodt portrays himself as the savior of the county showing his blatant lack of humility.

On a weekly basis, several people make public comment about how the board’s behavior was embarrassing and shameful. I think this will be a long two years until these two commissioners can be replaced. But have no doubt, they need to be replaced.

Theresa Parker